Original Investigation - Some thoughts

Hi, i know that there one little old topic about Projects and so on, but i'm not going to write others examples of Breakthroughs. I want to talk about some Original Investigations that could become possible, and the first is about making Hermetic Virtues on Mastered Spell Special Abilities. We can see like many of the first examples are like Minor or Major Virtues can be made on Mastered Spells Abilities, just like some powers from Hedge Traditions. Others Mastereds Spell Abilities are related directly with some Mystery or Hermetic Virtue too.
So... Minor , Major or Hermetic Breakthroughs? According to the Virtue, the Abilitie or the related effect? What do you think?

Minor. I guess in some special case it could be Major, but generally - just Minor. And the effect may be tied to the Ability or not, as is appropriate for the specific special ability.

On a completely unrelated note - why does your avatar show the name "Shim'on" in Hebrew?

Thanks by your opinion.
My first last name is Jiménez, that derive from Shim'on/Simon just like Siemens or Simonson (that means roughly). My blog is called for this reason for the Gnostic.
Another question about the Breakthroughs, some faeric Ranges/Durations/Objectives... is it to make them by Integration or purely Original Investigation?

Integration versus original research... It's an age-old question. But actually, the points gained through both can be put to the same purpose. So if you find a spell, book, or device that already concerns the target project you can use it, (re)create the associated effect, and then put the points towards integration/research.

When I was going through that process with my Verditius character I did use a combination. It gives the player some control over what they're doing and actually helps to lighten the load on the storyguide as they don't feel obliged to generate all the integration artifacts themselves.

Thanks by your opinion.
You are right, with the two ways/hybrid process.
I am working on one Arcane Abilitie to Awakening objects. The first objective is the guidelines of Intellego + Form to converse with objects, but it'ld work like one abilite to transforms the objects on magical beings like one Lab Work with Vis during Seasons. I thought that 75 Breakthroughs Points should work.

One thing I would recommend is considering the expected point generation rather than stick to the numbers for the category (Minor/Major/Hermetic). Decide how hard someone should work to get the result, determine how many points that will (roughly) generate, and set the total points needed there. This is because I suspect (from just reading the rules; never tried them for real) that the various levels of achievement may be too easy.