Original Investigation

Hi, i was thinking in some examples for original researchs:
-First, Road and road net for un Mercurials or Merinita magi, 20 insights points for one (and the other if you learned the other first, or 30 for net road directly) minor breacktrough. The possible repercusions are the interferennces and problems by the magis of Mystery Cults. NO mor explication, firstly the structure or boundry range or spells of Terram Form for the dirt or rock of the roads.
-Second, CrVi Guideline for a Virtue Major Hermetic for make objects sensible, awake his animus; becoming Magical Things (Major Breakthrough with a cost of 48 points of insghts). The Level of the enchantment should be the same for create a CrAn or binding a Familiar, possible with requisite of the Form of object material, and limitations for Material and Size, posibly like the Elementals limitations, and for a little and poor object, less atributes. The possible sources by insight: Research sentient objectss, use a MuTe(An) permanent enchantment for become a sculpture of an animal in one, CrAn(Vi) for create Magical animals. If you aren't Verditius or a well conected Bonisagi, the fist could give you problems.
-Third, integrate or imitate in something the Sense Holiness or Unholiness for see the lies of demons by a Sobrenatural Abilitie. I don't know if that should be a Major or Hermetic breacktrough... The problmes? Demons, Quasiatori searching by infernal deals... The source, could be study some of sort example of Sense Holliness or Unholiness, if in your saga the infernal taint can be be sense by Hermetic magics and things like that.

Other, than i forget allways:
The Mystic Marry, create a Permanent bound like the Familiar bound but with Magical Humans (Or if you are a Merinita a human like Faeries, a Infernal or Chtonic wizard could bind his live with the demon childs, and possibly a Holly Wizard bind his llive with uncorrupted Nephilim). That is a Hermetic Virtue that work like Familiar binding, but maybe with extra benifits: the childs of the pair could more easily birth with the gift or others powers, and things like that. The Insight source could be study magical (or simply sobrenatural) living human beings and the results of theirs powers. The questions is, the matrimony equals rights in human magical biengs case?