Original Research: Hermetic Lineage

One of my players would like to have a new Range or target called alled "Hermetic Lineage".

It is like Arcane Link but instead of targeting either your apprentice, and their apprentice or your pater/mater and their pater/mater. It is a mix between the Faerie Magic Bloodline and the Arcane Connection and goes through the opening/training of the Hermetic Arts. She comes from one of the True Lineages and is very loyal to her parens and her apprentie is very loyal to her and she would like to have the opertunity to cast spels only along her "hermetic bloodline".

1 ) What would you think about this? Is it too OP or has it a too big potential to ruin the game?

2 ) What would be a good cost in magnitudes?

It probably requires a minor breakthrough since it is something really unusual.
And you can base it on the bloodline parameters of Faerie magic. With Hermetic Lineage, the link is more symbolic than physical, but magic is full of symbol so it should not be a reason for not discovering it.

And probably that being an Orbus magi, renounced by the Order, or possibly rejected by his parens should be enough to severe the link.

I think it's interesting. I might make it equivalent to Arcane Connection though (+4).

Oh, it will be a Minor Breakthrough.

I like the limitations of the Orbus/rejected/outcast. Thank you!

How does bonisnatching fit into this? Will it follow th eopening of the arts? Will being bonisnatched sever the link? Create a new one? Does it depend on how far into the apprenticeship you are? What house you finally pledge to? What if you are sold to another magus after being opened?

I would say that the original Hermetic link is broken as the old parens no longer has a hermetic Lineage to the apprentice. And that the Bonsagius will be forced to take 2 seasons to form a new bond (if possible)

I remember someone was talking in another thread about Parma Magica only working while you respect the Code (or something like that). While I didn't like that idea, I find yours could be an appropriate way to experiment with the code having "magical" effects, so bonisnatching would sever the link and create a new one. I feel some interesting things could be developed from this, having actual rules about how the new Target works just like the Bloodline Target has its own natural rules.

Such research has big-time story potential.

HoH:TL p.76f Fenicil's Rituals has Curse of Thoth, a season-long ritual to curse an entire magical group, if you sacrifice a member of it. It was reputedly used to dispose of House Diedne.

Many a parens will stash away fixed (ArM5 p.94) ACs to his filii, while they have not yet sworn the Oath and he still may. So he can fulfill the obligation in the Hermetic Oath (ArM5 p.13 box) "I shall be the first to strike them down and bring them to justice." And most parentes will then just forget these ACs in the excitement of having their filii become magi.

But every parens will think thrice before giving his filius a fixed AC to himself.

So archmagi and quaesitores might come to call, if promising Hermetic research into such a range and/or target becomes known.