OTE and public events

Hi, I was thinking to participate in a public event with OTE here in Chile, and my idea is to look for grown up people to play (at least no close mind), so I could play OTE freely and with "hard" topics like drugs and creatures like baby talking begging for mercy.

Do you have any experience in public events? is it necessary to limit OTE to avoid miss understanding with the players? any other related ideas?

I would keep it mild and safe till you have players with similar interest.


I once ran a con OTE scenario & made the players sign first a "contract" detailing what could happen in the game - the tropes, genres & stuff that would happen; explicitly setting the rating, if OTE was a movie, to "R". They all had to agree with this before playing. I tried to choose 18 yr olds & up as players too!

No complaints, no fuss, no angry parents. Got 2 new players right there & then!

¬°Buena suerte chaval!

Thanks for your advice.
Once I ask to each user to sign a "contract" in a Paranoia game (then they were mine)
So I think is a good idea. But keep OTE soft, and give a few "hard ideas".


I usually create a few characters so people on the events can start playing very fast. Or let them to create a character?

I was thinking that the history could be started like:

  • waking up in a room hotel at Four Points barrio
  • in the bathroom a dead body
  • the dead body cannot move, only move its eyes and talk asking for revenge
  • add some Kergillians and some baboons...

mix them and add alcohol... well water, this will be played in a public event :-/


I would definitely do pregens - it keeps pre-game stuff to a minimum, especially if you find that your players are gonna be "newbies" to the hobby.

Your story seems weird enough, (reminds me of "the Hangover" movies) specially when a dead body begins to roll its eyes & to speak! :open_mouth: The only thing is, what happens if the PCs aren't interested in getting involved - (I wouldn't be)? They could easily "pass the buck" to the Peace Force... Contingency plans, amigo.

*Maybe, once the corpse starts talking to them, they are "marked" as "persons of interest" by the corpse's allies and enemies, both...! They come looking for answers/trying to neutralise the party. The PCs become involved no matter what... :smiling_imp:


Cheers for this Park, used it this weekend and did 12-15 public events. No Strange Coins which was what I was after though