OTE Bundle of Holding - Limited Time!

In case you missed it on the Atlas blog, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that Bundle of Holding is offering an Over the Edge collection even at this very moment. If you're not familiar with Bundle of Holding, it offers DRM-free PDFs under a pay-what-you-what regime that gives you the opportunity to pick up bonus books by paying more than the (constantly-rising) current average of prices.

Our announcement on the Atlas blog: blog.atlas-games.com/2014/01/ote ... lding.html

Direct link to the Bundle of Holding site: bundleofholding.com

Currently, the bundle includes:

Over the Edge 2nd ed. core book
OTE Players' Survival Guide
Pierced Heart

With bonus books:

Weather the Cuckoo Likes
At Your Service
Forgotten Lives (with extra-special bonus that I wrote one of the scenarios in this one!)
Friend or Foe
Wildest Dreams

The collection is only available for another six days, so don't dilly-dally.