It suprises me that this game doesnt get the support from gamers it should have. Its acually a better game than Magic. The Art was said to stink but thats what sets it apart for me. The art has always been a favorite of mine. It is a great multiplayer game the more players the better. Gotta love those conspirices. I personaly own alot of cards and am only missing one of the Specail cards that were given out. The game is unigue in the way it is played. I run at least one demo every year at Dragon Con and gain at least one new fan of the game. So if you love this game show your support and say something here so we know that you are out there. Even better show up at Dragon Con and play a game. Some day I will find a Monigue poster or something similar with the knowledge that it will hang proudly on my wall.
Ray :smiley:

Which one of the chase cards is it that you're missing?

Sorry I am missing one Sample card, #20
I have Chase:
Chase #1 Janis
Chase #2 Signe Lathiere
Chase #3 Grim Linden
Chase #4 Sekhem
Chase #4 Chris Robinson
So I might be missing more.

Thanks for the quick response.

Sekhem was actually a sample card, with the wrong number printed on it, not a chase card. The number was blacked out on most of the ones distributed. Chase #20 would have been from Cutups.

But is there anyway to get the ones Im missing?

I actually checked to see if I could find you one, but with no luck. Sorry.

Yeah, we have a handful of sample cards still floating around, but I haven't come across an S20 CA Radford in a looooong time, I'm afraid.

Im Hoping to someday find someone with the few Im missing then get a photo copy to glue on to another card. That way when I want to play them I have a card to represent them.

I have a S20 CA Radford. I don't have an extra one but I could provide a scan of it. Email me.

Help, I bought to decks of OTE like 8 years ago for a dollar a peice when a comic book store in my town liquidated. I have found the decks and really want to give this game a shot, it seems VERY fun and right up my alley as far as the political aspect. My problem is i dont have a rule book, i cant find the ones that came with the deck...HELP!!

I have extras I can get you one. but give me time to unpack from dragon con were I was demoing a bunch of great Atlas games

You can download the rules on its product page: atlas-games.com/ontheedge