OTE: Fringe Powers

Anybody here? I mean, anyone not selling some crappy golf clubs or overpriced waffle stompers?

My question regards fringe powers and the superior/normal trait. I get the concept of the superior trait vs. a normal one, but how does this work out with fringe powers that don't use dice? Specifically, my first character has a fringe power but what does it mean if it's a "normal" trait. Is it limited in some way, more than what the GM has limited it already? The Players' Survival Guide says virtually nothing on this, and my GM isn't sure either (we're newbies to the system).

If it helps, my character can alter the strong force that holds her atoms together, allowing her to move through solid objects. The GM has generously allowed me to suffer damage depending on the density and thickness of what she penetrates, rather than use a limited number of shots (so she has a variable # of shots/day, depending on how much stuff she moves through). He told me she can't do it on a whim, she has to be actively trying to move through something (so just because someone points a gun at her doesn't mean she can trigger her power, she has to be heading for a sizable object, or it's heading for her--threat of bullets insufficient). She can take someone with her if she "hugs" them close, but this does physical damage, whereas just going herself only does fatigue damage.

My question is: is this a superior power, or a "normal" one? How does that work? Is it even possible to have a non-superior version of this power? If so, what would it look like?

I would say if you have normal he is right if you have superior it would allow you to do the bullet thing but this is still up to your GM.