OTE variants?

I found my boxes of OTE cards while cleaning out the basement as part of a new-baby house purge. So many cards... This was the game my group played the most, back in the day, the only one I got a binder to collect a full set in. I miss it, but the days where I had a group of people willing to dig down into the system and learn the factions and construct decks are long gone. (This was, in fact, the death knell for CCGs with my group; no one had the time or money for anything but games we could play out of the box, no boosters, no individual collections.)

I'm lucky enough to have a wife who loves card games (we're playing the Pathfinder ones now) and I'd like to get OTE out and do something with it, maybe adding in one or two friends from the old days. There must be something that can be done along the lines of the One Big Deck variant that Illuminati dallied with (although that ended up being too diluted to get anything really interesting going.)

Has anyone ever come up with a way to just haul out a bunch of the cards, maybe sort them into stacks or let people draft from random draws, and play some kind of game, even one that maybe only resembles the original in a few ways? A working One Big Deck variant, or a deckbuilding one? Anything?


Well I just discovered this game, but one of my mania purchases was "Surviving Over the Edge" and it has several pages of variant rules and setups. I got the book for under $5 so you might want to check that out.

One of my pet projects is an OTE deck building game, actually. No sign of it being added to our schedule in the future, though.