Other Veritius Elder Runes

Hi guys,
Has anyone made any breakthroughs in adding more runes? And if so, what powers did you give them?

The obvious ones are Muto, Imaginem and Terram but what about the other runes? HoH:MC p128 states that there are 28, and if 15 are arts, what are the other 9?

Here are some of my ideas

Fortitude - the device has more damage levels (treat it as though it were 1 damage modifier higher C&G p77)
Magic - the device can contain more magical power (vis) treat the material size as 1 higher on the Material and Size Table Arm5 p97
Penetration - instead of 2, multiply any levels dedicated to Penetration by the creators' Penetration score.
Power - Vis can be transferred in to the item and be used for ritual spells. Being able to use internal vis adds 3 magnitudes to an effect level.
Speed - All effects in the item gain a +10 to initiative rolls.
Dexterity - All effects in the item gain a bonus of the creators finesse. This bonus is then added to the finesse of the user when finesse is calculated.
Endurance - All effects in the item gain of duration momentary are treated as duration of Sun, +2 uses and an environmental trigger - making them contant.

I would strongly recommend against this one. Multiply by 2 is already on the high side. Maybe just make the effect multiply by 3?

+1 Magnitude on Duration instead? Ie momentary can become Diameter and Concentration for example...
Making Momentary into constant feels like going too far...

Pretty decent ideas overall...

IMO, this doubles with the normal ability of verditius runes to have items hold MT*Philosophiae pawns of vis. That’s usually way enough.

There’s a mystery that does something like this. You bind a spirit to an item, and use its might to power rituals. This could serve as an inspiration (IMO, such a rune should be weaker than the mystery, but YMMV). I’d say that any vis must be put into the item at the time of enchantment, and uses up space. No “adding vis later” (although you can always Reforge, which gives it an edge compared to me spirit mystery).

You could treat this a little like Enduring Magic. Like, all invested effects with a duration other than Mom and Conc last five times as much.

As a rule of thumb, you could have runes based on some virtues: Add a number of magnitudes equal to the virtue cost to every effect invested in the item. For exemple, a Rune of Adaptation could give every effect in the item the equivalent of Flexible Formulaic Magic.

Note, though, that this’d make the verditius even more overpowered, which is probably not desirable.


Another possibility might be to add "for free" your penetration score times 2 to the item's penetration.

An untested HR that I think would be great would be that Constant effect are considered “natural”, and thus can bypass MR. You could have this as a rune (which nicely echoes the viktir’s own powers), like the Rune of True Essence, affecting any constant invested effect. This would allow your verditius to make swords with constant Edge of the Razor or Blade of the Virulent Flame (with another effect so that the blade doesn’t melt, and a suitable scabbard) that can bypass MR, thus emulating the swords of legend.
Again, though, beware of Verditius Power Inflation :wink:

Why? You can just bind a new spirit, surely?

I'm not a huge fan of these suggestions - most of them look like minor virtues in and of themselves to me, not bit's to add to an existing minor virtue (and a powerful one at that!)

What if each of these new rune effects was a Minor Virtue? Each learned as part of Mystery Initiation after learning Elder Runes as a requisite.
As a side note, in my gave I have introduces an alternate Verditius lineage descended from Valdarious, who left his House and joined the Flambeau during the Schism War. Featuring a closed set of mysteries and cut off from the Verditti, he discovered and incorporated an alternate set of runes known as Iberian Script. Basically, it lacks the Mentem Rune but includes Terram. But now, with these suggestions, I have ideas for further inner mysteries & discoveries. Minor Virtues one and all, each involving learning how to employ different strange symbols different ways.

  • Glyph Duration spells & effects.
  • Ritual Enchantments (I would make this a Minor or Major Virtue to do it the old fashioned way from ArM4: vis cost to invest as normal, and full vis cost to activate the ritual each time).
  • Penetration based on Arts of the weilder (probably best suited for a Talisman or Attuned Item)
  • A Rune that allows you to Boost an effect, or incorporate something akin to Names of Power (as the Great Talisman does, but more limited maybe)

Oh, I surely agree! :smiley:
(Have I said that I think Verditius are powerful enough? :laughing: )

And the rules may agree: IIRC, integrating other runes requires a breakthrough, and one possible way for breakthroughs to manifest is through virtues.