OUaT Rule Disagreement

A group playing Once Upon a Time had a disagreement about the rules, and I wonder if anyone here would chime in with a disinterested take.

Player One had just used an interrupt card to steal the story from Player Four. He observed that Player Four had made the main character one-legged, and he was already a cook on a ship; this was interesting because Long John Silver was also a one-legged cook, and in fact the original title of the serialized Treasure Island was The Sea Cook. This bit of trivia caused Player Two to observe that THAT was why the restaurant was named after him. Player One then joked that the character should open a fish restaurant franchise and distribute little pirate hats. At the word “fish,” Player Three played her “Fish” card, claiming it as an interrupt.

In the debate which followed, the positions of each person were:

Player One: The rule book states, “If the storyteller mentions something in her story which is on a card held by another player, that player can interrupt.” A joking aside does not qualify as “in the story.”

Player Two: It does qualify because part of the game is watching what you say. Also, the main character was mentioned in the joke, and that makes it a part of the story.

Player Three: There is no distinction between joking and the story, because the whole game’s a joke. Evidence offered for this position was Player Three’s nonsensical town and character names.

Player Four: Player One is correct. (But she would say that, right? She’s his wife.)

(Cue Jeopardy music.) Who is right? :slight_smile:

That is a profoundly interesting question that — in my opinion — goes to house rules and preferences rather than to official rules. I don't think there can be an official ruling on this any more than there can be an official ruling on whether Settlers of Catan dice that go on the floor are good, or whether failure to burn a card in Texas Hold 'Em constitutes a misdeal.

If I were there, I'd take the position that you can't interrupt based on the verbiage of an aside, on the same grounds that I wouldn't want to allow an interrupt based on someone's announcement that they were getting up to get another Coke.

Any BW elitism will be met with INSTANT BANS AND DELETIONS.

That is the rule. Got it?



Let us begin.