Over the Edge 20th Reservations

As a convenience to our fans, Atlas Games is offering a reservation and mail order service for the Over the Edge 20th Anniversary Edition. To reserve your copy, please fill out the form you'll find the link for in the left column of the product page: atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG2012.php

Sorry to rich for my poor soul but looks and sounds very nice.

Just discovered from rpg.net that this special edition has been made available. I came this way via links and saw the preorder. I filled out a preorder, but I have no confirmation, and I also wonder if there are not enough books left for my order to be valid, can you let me know? Many thanks!!

I'm probably late to this party... I tried to set up a preorder, but I am doubtful that I am one of the 400... I just learned of this anniversary edition from some posts at rpg.net. Can someone verify that the book is shipping? And, is there some room for additional preordering?

I believe they are sold out at Atlas or very Close. But you may try and ask to see for sure. Also Im sure stores may have extra's. I would check around.

Wonderfully, Atlas has reserved a copy for me... I've paid up my invoice, and now... I ... wait..., many many thanks to everyone there!!

Sorry for my English, but it's not fluent.
I received my copy on Thursday.
Nice product. I liked all the commentaries at the beginning and the texts from the several authors.
And despite I already owned the supplements for OTE, thank you anyway for the free gifts.
For the record, I bought the French version of the game in 1995. It was a shock!
Then, I bought the 1st edition English and the 2nd edition and all the stuff for the game (t-shirt, sourcebooks, scenarios, novel, CCG, etc...).
This game made me discovered a new literature (especially Burroughs) and many movies, as well as Vertigo comix.
It accompanied me through my College years, and beyond.
I got a special feel for this game as I live in South of France (Nice, exactly), and a lot of my town's facets look like Al Amarja's ones (palmtrees, airport, old italian style town, different architectures, new concrete and glass buildings, cosmopolitan crowd, tourism, mafia, corrupted local business, sex and drugs, etc...). As the town throve in 150 years (150 years ago, it was just a small old town and some big luxurious mansions around), it got as well an artificial atmosphere linked with it. You can easily see mountains and sea surrounding the town, making it look like a theatrical decor (almost like the Cinecittà studios).
Therefore, it was not difficult for me to find the good feeling to be introduced into my game.
Anyway, thank you Atlas Game for this special anniversary edition.

It is very neat to hear about the game from different national persectives since the French version is very different from the USA version. It would be cool to get a copy of the French version in english to understand the differences and play localities.

The French version is very different.
The atmosphere is different, more X-Files-like maybe but weirder.
The scene takes place in the Caribbean sea (Bermuda Triangle), and not in the Mediterranean sea (not exotic enough and too close from our shores).
And the original English version is split into two different books in French (the main books with the rules, the psi abilities, the weird tech and some tips on how to play and run the game ; and a second book with descriptions of Al Amarja and a characters digest). And there's a GM screen also. That way, a GM could only use the main book without using Al Amarja.
Therefore, the art is very weird and sticks well to the tone of the game.

I don't know if the game has been translated in other languages.

So did I, and I never recovered ! Those were the good times ...
I heard there is an italian version too ...

Bonjour chez vous ! :wink: