Over the Edge 3rd Edition has its own fan magazine

There are surprisingly many people who don't know there is a third edition of the excellent Over the Edge RPG. So it is not-so-surprising that there are just a small bunch of cool people who happen to know, that the 3rd edition Over the Edge is supported by a fanzine.

Therefore I figured out it would be a good idea to have a thread about the magazine that has supporting material for Over the Edge the 3rd Edition. So, here we go.

Over the Edge RPG, the 3rd Edition has its fan magazine full of in-game information, the latest and weirdest rumors on Al Amarja, faces and places of Amarja, and many kinds of other usable material. Material that you can use with any edition of the Over the Edge RPG. Especially with the third edition.

The fanzine is minimalisticly called Take the Edge. It is available in digital form through DriveThruRPGs. The magazine is prized as a Pay What You Want product!

There's more info available about Take the Edge magazine from the blog of the magazine's Primus Motor. Check out the links down below :wink:


Welcome to the Edge to Take the Edge! And welcome to talk about the fanzine in this thread.

Nice seeing it is happening something around the game, I haven't seen much since the Kickstarter – for better or worse. I browsed the preview of the first-and-half issue and I don't know if it is included in any excluded pages, but a page of fresh Little Scratches pulled from Al Amarja Today would be enlightening!

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Lupment, thank You for your feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: Much appreciated. :kissing_heart: You can get all Take the Edge magazines for 0.0 dollars if you like.
And I gotta tell You when You load and read them, You "might find" something "very pleasing" for your Precious Taste :innocent:

Out of curiosity, how many have you sold? (I am a very bad lurking burger and have not had the courage yet to approach the pusher of this ... government approved information material.)

Hello, You all Beautiful fellow citizens of Al Amarja!

After a long time, it is nice to bring you this good news! It took time and effort, but issue 4.2 of Take the Edge magazine finally came out in X-Mass Time 2023.

Once again, Take the Edge brings you new material to use with your Over the Edge RPG, the 3rd Edition. Issue 4.2 brings you new characters and places to use in your games. New rumors to put in the game. There is material about the airport and the terminal of Al Amarja. Especially for the new gamers or people new to the 3rd edition setting, this material is very usable content.

Also, the magazine has in-game messages from Al Amarjian readers of the magazine. This is also something that you can use on your gaming table to freshen the game up. And bring out the right Al Amarjian atmosphere.

Count yourself as Informed!


Hello, Dear Citizens of Al Amarja!

I am happy to present the Truest Truth! Take the Edge, issue 4.2. is the latest issue but it won't be the last!

The issue 5.25 has been in the works for a while. Secretly in the shadows. It is already 43 pages long and its content is at least as strong as ever!

While waiting for the 5.25 coming out, check the latest out! It's out and loud, out and proud, and out and about! DriveThruRPG


Just a quick update for the people who might be interested in knowing this.

The aforementioned Take the Edge, issue 5.25 is pretty much ready. Full 47 pages. It is now for the rounds of spell-checking and other finishing moves. Probably comes out in February 2024.

In issue 5.25, there will be more new faces and interesting places in Al Amarja. There are in-world rumours. And all the people who love to read little scratches, I can tell you great news. There will be many kinds of in-game messages from Al Amarjian readers of the magazine.

So, for all the game moderators (and players) of Over the Edge (the 3rd Edition), there will be inspirational material for your games and ideas to play on your gaming table.

This probably, happened much sooner than You nice Over The Edge playing folks expected :sunglasses:

I am very happy and really excited that I can present you with the newest issue of Take the Edge magazine. Issue 4.2 came out on Christmas time in 2023. The issue 5.25 came out today.

The latest issue has a lot of in-game material: Al Amarja information posters, official news, unofficial news, rumors, and even reader messages from Al Amarjian people.

There are of course the latest Al Amarjian gossip, persons of interest, and interesting places and happenings. There are also surreal and supernatural things, anomalies, and encounters for you to find out. For example, reoccurring obscure collective dreams of private toilet bandit. Dreams that feel really real.

This all is made usable in Over the Edge RPG sessions. Especially with the OTE the, third Edition.
You can get the magazine from here.