Over the Edge 3rd Edition has its own fan magazine

Over the Edge 3rd Edition has its own fan magazine in digital form available through DriveThruRPGs and the magazine is prized as Pay What You Want product!

More info about the Take the Edge magazine is available from the blog of its primus motor. Check out the links down below :wink:


Welcome to the Edge to Take the Edge!

Nice seeing it is happening something around the game, I haven't seen much since the Kickstarter – for better or worse. I browsed the preview of the first-and-half issue and I don't know if it is included in any excluded pages, but a page of fresh Little Scratches pulled from Al Amarja Today would be enlightening!

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Lupment, thank You for your feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: Much appreciated. :kissing_heart: You can get all Take the Edge magazines for 0.0 dollars if you like.
And I gotta tell You when You load and read them, You "might find" something "very pleasing" for your Precious Taste :innocent:

Out of curiosity, how many have you sold? (I am a very bad lurking burger and have not had the courage yet to approach the pusher of this ... government approved information material.)