Over the Edge revival (is this a good trait?)

I'm not sure the new Over the Edge is doing a very good work in teaching us how to play the game, it's vague and ambiguous, and that is not a flaw in itself, but we might need guidelines on how traits are done.

This is my first character's traits:

Main: Anarchist-experimental writer, politoxic*, who looks like a banker (*politoxic means that he likes different kinds of drugs and toxicities, including toxic love)

Side: Rifle enthusiast

Now, I don't know if my main trait is too long and includes a lot of stuff (he can write, he knows about anarchists, he can get in touch with anarchists, he knows anarchist strategies to use against the goverment, he can make molotov bombs, he knows the best drugs on the city, he can contact drug dealers, he can manipulate [and be manipulated by] exlovers, he knos that woman with the clues they need because she was a former lover, he can mix among elegant people, he can deceive people into believing he is a banker, maybe trust him their money), or if these are actually four different traits (writer, anarchist, "banker", politoxic).

The side trait is straight enough, he can use guns.

So, the guidance I usually give is to make the main a single thing, but fairly broad. It should be. But I'd probably have you pick either Anarchist-Experimental Writer or Politoxic, and "looks like a banker" is a separate thing for your main. They're still pretty broad-- but Experimental Writer including, "uses the Writer Drugs" would also be fine for me. In fact, for some scenarios, that would be the beeeest.

For Side, Rifle Enthusiast -- can use guns is yeah, clear enough.

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