Over the Edge: Sommerites

Does anyone who's run the game have any thoughts on what Karla Sommers' music actually sounds like, or if there's a real world equivalent she can be compared to? I use a lot of background music when I run games, so I wants to have something on hand that fits (annoying though it may be). My first insinct would be to say she's something like Britney Spears, but I got the impression that Karla is a bit older, but still started off as basically a manufactured sound, more marketing than creativity.

-- Ben

Jewel, Enya, Sarah McLochland

This might be a bit late for a reply but I always thought Julee Cruise or some other dream pop sounding artist would be prefect.

Yeah probably more Pop than anything. But I prefer the Other myself.

Uh-uh...there's only one who fits this ephemeral description; Celine Dion....

Sounds like your on the right track.