Over the Edge Stream

Beginning on Monday, January 13, there's going to be a three-part weekly OtE 3e game on http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/ starting at 5:00 Pacific time.

LoadingReadyRun is a professional comedy troupe. Their past RPG streams have included D&D, FATE, Dusk City Outlaws, Spectaculars, Dungeon World, and Paranoia.


I am here for this content!

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Can't wait to tune in, @tbug!

Part one is on YouTube.


Listened to all of them on the podcast and greatly enjoyed them. Do more! :slight_smile:

Okay, we'll do more. The first will be today (June 1) on the same channel starting at 5pm.

It will be available on youtube and as a podcast on Wednesday.

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Awesome! Thank you for doing more. It's great to hear how people run the game and I'm enjoying the live play.