Over the Edge

Im starting an OTE game and cant find any resource. There used to be alot of resource in the old days it appears to all be gone. What Im asking is there anybody who is still around that might have any of the the resources that used to be around or have any of there own resource there willing to share?
Ray :smiley:


I found several dry wells too... I guess it's like the beginning of the revolution - you'll haveta wing it!


So Im guessing you have nothing to offer then? I would have surmissed, you to have something well thought out and of deep intentions.


I don't have anything to offer but all my collection of ideas & quotes from most of the printed books & fanzines. I was agreeing w/you that most other sources (other than the printed stuff, now mostly in pdfs, I believe) are either gone or impossible to access (ie., in other tongues).

Maybe I wasn't clear enough.

Now, my most important suggestion is what Tweet stated he used to do before running OTE sessions: drink lots of coffee & booze & just wing it! 8)

That'll be my philosophy if I evah get something akin to a OTE series off the ground again (highly unlikely w/my present group). :cry:


I was just teasing you which is why I worded my answer the way it was. But I would be interested in your ideas and perceptions about the resource and info in the game. Your take on how you handle some of the groups and any expanded source on some of the info. My wonder is the expanded groups in the card game that are not in the RPG, such as the hangmen and some others. I hope to come up with info about these groups and where they fit in and how they effect the Island. :wink:


I'm not fluent in the card game... :unamused: :blush: :cry:


Found some old resource.

web.archive.org/web/200106091523 ... gewalkers/

web.archive.org/web/200307011603 ... gewalkers/

web.archive.org/web/200110170952 ... teidx.html

web.archive.org/web/199902020320 ... /onte.html


Paleing in comparison, I know...
Here are a few things I've compiled that happen daily/usually during the day on The Edge/Al Amarja. I use them extensively in my series. Hope this helps your ambiance!

r. The radio address – each week a MDA spokesperson reports; every 6 moths, MDA herself: Good to recap what has happened to PCs between adventures & keep the plot going.

p./r./tv. The weather report (see Airwaves for an alternate report): Almost always the same; same weather.

tel. β€œAlice” (from Edgework #1).

p. β€œEar to the Rail” (see "The Doppleganger Plague", from the Myth of Self).

b. Graffiti – whichever barrio except Arms, Justice. Satanist only in Great Men.

b. Street vendors & stands – drugs in Flowers, especially in the Plaza (see Madame Vylaska's), cheap immitations of expensive stuff in Science, Sunken & Flowers.

b. Young streetfightin' men, looking for a good fight (a good time), anywhere, anywhen.

b. Slaves, sommerites, pubes, etc. – anywhere, anywhen.

b. Street scum: grifters, losers, lowlifes, zeroes (empties, latahs, a few amoks), in Flowers, Sunken, Justice, Science (a few, 'cos of the SOBs), Great Men, the majority in four Points. Zero in Arms, Gold, Broken Wings.

b. The garbagemen (subtly) – everywhere but Broken Wings.

tv./p./r./b.* Executions only in Justice (3pm, monday thru saturday. 12 y 3pm sunday).
*Thru loud-speakers

b. Flower's nightly adventures.

b. Ticket machines for the Metro (see Edgework #1) – anywhere ...in the oddest places.

r.: KRAK Radio
p.: newspapers, Al Amarja Today
b.: barrio
tel.: telephone call