overlapping auras

If you have Auras that overlap...say a 7 magic and a 5 divine.

Is the lower killed off or just suppressed? I beleive it's just suppressed

If it still exist in the background what effects does it have? on casting? on warping?

Only the higher aura works. The other is suppressed. While being suppressed, it has no effect at all.

if 2 auras of equal strength coexist in the same place, they create a lacuna: an area with a 0 aura.

It can easily be like this, for example:

  • City with a 2 divine aura.
  • One basement in the city has an old temple of apolo. It has a magical aura of 1.

Regularly, the divine aura supresses the magical aura, and the basement has a divine aura of 2.

At night, the magical aura rises to 2. Both auras now cancel out, so the basement becomes a lacuna with an aura of 0

On magical festivities of apolo, the magical aura rises to 3 (+2) and so the divine aura is supressed. During these periods, the basement has a magical aura of 3 that supresses the divine aura of 2.

Aura fluctuations can be real fun IMO, specially in cities, where several auras are bound to cohexist and the relative strength of the diverse auras is in contant flow (at least in my vision of ME) .



We ran "two equal auras" differently: the "higher" one wins - which for 2 equal Auras meant "the one which most recently was higher than the other"... If one can rise even briefly to be the higher level, then it takes over, until the other can repeat the feat (or it falls).

We had such an Aura over the covenant's (support) village ... they had inadvertently acquired a Faerie Aura equal to the base Divine aura. On Sundays and other Holy Days, the Divine rose (and took over); on Faerie Festivals, the Faerie Aura rose and took over until the next Holy day; Easter was odd 'cos the Divine falls on Good Friday until rocketing up on Easter Sunday...
(There was also a Magic Aura in the surrounding forest, which normally had a lower aura, with the village as a (different) higher level pocket within the forest. On certain special days such as the 4 Quarter Days, the Magic rose over all the forest, and included (took over) the Village, and stayed that way as it fell to equal level, then fell away as it dropped to normal).

Is the lacuna concept canon? Which book is it in?

HoH:S: Jerbiton, methinks

I looked up lacunae in HoH:S Jerbiton, p.57, as I had missed it previously.

Hmmm... well, yes it says most lacunae have no aura at all (though they may have Magic, Faerie or even Infernal auras), but the lacunae of HoH:S are really more like boundary-less regiones.

You may in your saga choose to say that where 2 equal auras overlap, a lacuna of 0 aura will arise, but HoH:S goes out of its way to avoid specifying how they arise (and does not at all consider/mention overlap as the cause).

HoH:S does promise that RoP:Magic (soon, oh soon!) will include additional information, but for now we'll just have to wait!

For now, I will stick with my own IMS rule that "the most recently higher of 2 now equal auras will stand"...