Pact of Pasaquine

I picked up a copy of Pact of Pasaquine from a used bookstore. It looks very cool but is obviously for an older edition of Ars. The text often references pages in the Ars Magica rule book, for example on page 6-- 'see the map in Ars Magica, p.133. Does anyone know which edition it's referring to?

Also, there's mention of an insert that is supposed to come with Pact of Pasaquine, though my copy is without. Does anyone know if this insert is available for free download anywhere, now that the book is out of print?


Pact was 3rd Ed.

I'll check my copy to see if I have the hand out.

Thanks. That's what I thought but there is no map on page 133 of Ars 3rd. Could this be a typo? There's also supposed to be a description of the monks of San Blas on page 140 (according to page 6 of PoP), but page 140 of my book discusses combat.

I might be mistaken, I believe Pact was for Second Edition...? Serf's parma, that, since it appears my copy is some 400 miles to the north-east...



Page 133: Map of Val du Bosque* as it appeared in the Mistridge supplement. Only that rougher (drawn by hand, methinks)

Page 140: Description of the Monastery of St Blas. As above (as in Mistridge as well).

In fact, the whole section (p.132-144) is labeled "Setting: the mistridge saga" and it presents the setting that the creators of the game played at the time.



*Given the supposed location of Mistridge, I hope "bosque" is langue d'oc instead of plain misslocated Castellano... I doubt it, though...

My copy is from White Wolf which is 3rd but I think it was originally published by Lion Rampart which was 2nd ed.

Cool. I picked up a copy of Mistridge. Then I downloaded a topographical map of the Pyrenees... I had an opportunity to visit that whole area south of Foix a couple of years ago. Great fantasy setting for sure.

I've been corresponding with merchants on Amazon regarding their copies of Pact. No one knows what I'm talking about when I ask if their copies have this elusive insert. Can somebody tell me what this insert depicts and if it's worth buying another copy for?

If you're talking about the bit on page 8 that says "villages like Pasaquine (see insert).", the insert referred to is the box text immediately below.