page to buy pdf


I totally forgot where I'm able to buy the pdf of Atlas and can't seem to find a link on the website.
Can a friendly one point me to the right direction?

Hello La Belgique ! I'm your neighbour.

Here… or… There…

(You're welcome…)

You can now buy all the PDFs from our website directly. Ars Magica products are here, along with plenty of other resources:

Roh! That's a good piece of news!

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Amelia, thanks but I already found that page in my previous search.

Let's say ArsMagica 5th edition core book:
Somehow i don't see any "buy" link or button or whatever.

on the right column:

  • resources
  • reviews

on the left column (main text):

  • what it is
  • grimoire: gameplay basics
  • awards
  • vital stats

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So... where is the "buy" button?

Hmm, I followed your link, and at the right hand side of the page there is an insert with an icon for the book and an "add to cart" button.
Remember to select between physical or digital copy

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If you are still struggling with the buy buttons, you might try disabling any ad blockers you have set up in your browser. If you are still having issues after that, just let me know what products you would like and I can set up a custom checkout link for you.

The buy area is an iframe generated by javascript. So if you have either of those blocked somehow, then you wouldn't be able to see it.

-Michelle Nephew

Thanks, it was that. Noscript blocked a "shopify" script and it was this script which contained the buy option.