Painfully obvious, but *so* cool, initiation ordeal

I was pondering initiation Ordeals, when I thought "how about 'Lose Latent Magic Ability' Virtue". :smiley:

You can either see that as awakening the latent ability, a sacrifice of an unkown potential for known power or ... a ritual that only works for select people ("We must find the Chosen Ones!") 8)

Conversely, I could quite see House Criamon having scripts that grant Latent Magic Ability, in the hope that the initiate will be the source of a new Path. :smiling_imp:

Great idea(s)!!

As a sidenote I always had some undecidedness on how to use Latent Magic Ability :unamused:

I as a storyguide would be inclined to give it a large sympathy bonus on the initiation script along with the Ordeal bonus. Probably +3.

It's very thematic - I like it. Though I'm a bit surprised nobody's suggested it before.