Pamphlet on the crusades, interesting read.

I work for the local Catholic Dioceses, and while photographing a mass I noticed a pamphlet on the crusades titled "New Perspectives: The Crusades". Now most of the time the pamphlets don't interest me one bit (I'll flip thru them out of curiosity, but since I'm Jewish there's not much that really grabs my interest). It's a quarter-fold pamphlet so it's not more then a few minutes worth of reading but it's a somewhat balanced modern Catholic view of the whole ordeal and admits to atrocities and the whole deal getting out of control , driving the final wedge between the Eastern Orthodox and the Rome and sewing the seeds of the Protestant Reformation. I'm in a unique situation to learn a lot about the church and still view it from an outsiders perspective, and it's neat to actually be able to bring this into a gaming perspective!

Although there isn't an online version anyone curious ENOUGH could go to and buy a butt-load of them, or read one of it's references at