Pandemonium: adventures in tabloid world resources ??

does anyone know of any resources for pandemonium, adventures in tabloid world ?

I dug the rulebook out of storage (it was given to me a couple years ago) and want to try running it for a bit, but there seem to be no resources (websites, character sheets or anything) for the game out there.

Our line page for it is at There's one sourcebook called Stranger Than Truth that was published for it also listed there.

I should note... Pandemonium was distributed by Atlas way-back-when, but never belonged to us. We had a license to produce the sourcebook (Stranger than Truth), but I'm pretty sure that agreement expired long ago (and the book is long out of print). This means that we don't have the right to put parts of the rulebook online, or sell STT as a PDF download, or what have you.