Parma All The Time?

Another bit of parma wondering, again just a noob trying to understand.

Wizards are able to work together because of Parma Magica, which eliminates the unpleasantness that the Gift works on social interactions. Would it be safe to assume that most all wizards living in covenants do their little Parma exercise every morning before going out to join their fellow magi at the breakfast table? This seems a safe assumption, otherwise they would fall to their old bickering and backstabbing fairly easily.

Ivan of Tytalus: Morning, Carl.
Carl of Jerbiton: Growl.
Ivan of Tytalus: What's up with Carl?
Petunia of Tremere: He hasn't had his parma yet, and he's not a morning person.


I think you've got it right - so much so that the example they give (IIRC) of the Guernicus doing the big Curse of Thoth ritual agaist the Diedne timed their big finale so that it occured within one diameter of Sunset. This was so that large numbers of them would be caught with their parmas down... implying they would otherwise be up.

Thanks. That's about what I figured. I tend to do my martial arts when I wake up, so I was wondering if this was much the same thing for them.