Parma and Might question

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Can a being with might touch a mage with his parma up? In other words, can a fairy bite a magi? Can a giant sit on a magi? (and not use penetration to do so?)


A creature is not considered "magic" simply by virtue of its Might, so Parma doesn't stop it from hitting (or biting, whatever) the magus.

However, if the creature is under the effect of active magic, including one of his own Powers, then Parma will resist the magic and hence also ward off the creature. Interestingly, it won't ward off a magus under a Longevity Ritual... you can decide that, as a house rule, it does, or that it doesn't ward off creatures and even objects under the effect of spells that don't actually affect the "buisness end" actually attacking the protected magus, or... whatever.

I think that there could be exceptions to this. For instance, I think there is room to debate in the case of a creature that is under the effect of an intellego mentem spell or power where someone else is reading its emotions. In this case it isn't clear to me that the spell or power is present in its claws, ergo the claws would not be stopped by parma.