Parma vs Magical Beasts , Jinn, and Ghosts

So Jinn, Demons, Ghosts, etc... all use various similar powers to take a physical form. Therefore even by the most generous reading of the Parma Magica Rules, and some of the house rules I have seen, these beings forms would be Magical and blocked by a working Parma.

My players are about to delve into a magical Regio, and am considering what they will be facing. some of these creatures are just not threatening at all to a Magi and given that some of the Magi will have magics to destroy/ward/control these creatures.. it all seems lack luster as far as delving into a forgotten and hidden regio. is this what you all have found in your games?

I saw the other thread about Demons and Penetration, and it does seem that these various beings would have the penetration ability (or fae/infernal skill equivalent) since some of them fight against one another.

Is this a post where the answer is just "tailor your game to your characters..."

What about magical beasts.. they are magical, but their forms are not... I assume that unless they are using their Powers, that they are not considered magical... or at least may not be a Magical Form Alternation in respect to some of the Pink Dot work-Around house rules.

That´s an easy way to avoid a lot of trouble yes. Let parma protect against any powers but not against a swipe of a paw or whatever they use.

Yes they are no threat generally. OTOH, the rules i´ve used may be rather TOO powerful for your game.

Might stripping spells only do damage if the base damage of the spell is higher than the creature might(if it´s at least half, it does 1 point), Might creatures takes damage to Might Pool first, damaged Might Score doesn´t change how much damage they take (ie original is always used ) and they can replenish Pool by temporarily sacrificing a point of Score, getting Score to zero doesn´t kill it, just makes it weak. Might Score regenerates slowly(weeks), Might Pool replenishes quickly based on current Score.

Score/5 adds to Soak, Score/10 adds to Physical levels...
Mmm, i dont remember quite how we did with Penetration(and i add a disclaimer that i may have messed up something above as i haven´t played for real for a few years now), but our magi certainly needed good protection against anything above Might 30-40. For new magi, a few Might 10 creatures could be lethal.
Mmm, IIRC i think we used the Pool in tenths for cost of powers and such, to let low Might creatures play around more. Something like that at least.

Are all the players playing magi? Generally speaking, I try and avoid situations like this, as they will be able to solve all manner of obstacles I place in their way. Of course, sometimes that's a good thing, such as in the beginning to build a spirit of esprit de corps among the magi, and potentially their grogs. Eventually, a magus's desire for study and learning their Arts is going to overcome tramping along on every adventure (and should!) and only those magi who are really interested in something should be going on. A magus should say something to the effect of: "Oh, there's this regio that needs to be explored? I could care less about that, let what's his face handle it, he's fascinated by that. Take some grogs, maybe another smart fellow, maybe he can recruit another magus besides me. Good luck storming the regio."
In the same vein that the gently gifted magus handles interactions with the mundanes, and probably likes doing it, he probably doesn't like going off into some regio without all his creature comforts of home.
When magi are broken out and only 1 or 2 go on an adventure it makes it easy to generate challenging stories. It also opens up possibilities of needing that Gently Gifted magus to come along because there's a creature his Gifts and abilities might be useful.
That's a long winded way of saying think of story and not adventure. :smiley:

Hmm... ran across this is RoP:F

so these guys are somewhat dangerous, and dont just bounce off the Parma.

This is the canon interpretation. It's written explicitly in at least two spots in regard to the creatures being discussed, but since the reasoning has also been stated it's pretty clear it applies more generally. Edit: Ninja'd on the RoP:F. The other one I remember is about some creature with Magic Might that can shapeshift. In its normal form Parma Magica won't stop it, but in the form it assumes using a power Parma Magica can stop it.