Pasara, Magical Grog

Pasara, the Cyclops (at Poenitens +60)
Magic Might: 5
Characteristics: Int 0, Per 0, Pre +2, Com -2, Str +7, Sta +3, Dex +1, Qik -2
Size: +1
Confidence Score: 1(3)
Virtues and Flaws: Magic Human, Affinity with Great Weapon, Improved Characteristics, Rapid Convalascence, One eye, Simple-Minded, Small Frame
Magic Qualities and Inferiorities: Gigantic; Improved Soak, Improved Abilities, Premonitions; Susceptible to Deprivation
Personality Traits: Subservient +2, Helpful +1
Dodge: Init -2, Attack n/a, Defense -2, Damage n/a
Fist: Init -2, Attack +5, Defense +2, Damage +7
Great Axe: Init -1, Attack +11, Defense +4, Damage +18
Soak: +6
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-6), -3(7-12), -5(13-18), Incapacitated (19-24), Dead (25+)
Abilities: Area Lore 2 (Regio) , Brawl 4 (fist), Cyclops language 5. Folk Ken 3 (townspeople), Great Weapon 5 (Pole Axe), Greek 4 (apologies), Premonitions 2 (invaders), Profession: Janitor 4 (Hermetic Labs), Survival 2 (islands) Swim 3 (ocean)

Sometimes called Pasa, Pasara was found adrift in the Aegean sea by a fishing boat. Fortunately, it was run by the covenfolk, who brought her back to see the magi. She is one of the Cyclops, descendants of Gaia’s first children. As best as can be made out, she was considered scrawny and was thrown off a ship into the ocean by elders. She survived for two days in the water until the fishing boat came.

Not just her single eye, what disturbs mundanes is that she’s well over six feet tall, and retains the body of a young girl – just looking at her face, you’d think she was 10 years old.

Poenitens has her clean her lab. She feels useful, and staying in the regio feels more comfortable. Poenitens did get a bit alarmed when she’d pick up furniture to clean under it. She lives in a small hut nearby the lab. Pasara would need an excellent reason to go into town, the reactions would be dreadful.

Only the magi know that all Cyclops are trained as warriors, and that she’s fairly effective in combat. There’s always the question as to whether the magi should try to find the island where she came from, in that it must have powerful Corpus magic.

Edit - I've added 75 skill points, raising Brawl, Greek, and Profession: Janitor to 4. Additionally, she's had Gift of Reason cast on her twice, so she's a bit sharper. Pasara is a magical being, and so I've determined that she advances by 5 XP per year.