Passus / Pace as unit of measurement.

As a Norwegian I think metric and punds, paces, feet, inches and whatnot are not everyday units of measurement to me so I just started thinking.

Paces are used as a unit of length in the rules, and I just sort of always considered it to be approximately a meter, but lately I've been reading some roman history an I thought to my self that it could be roman paces, or passus, the rules mean.

So I google a bit and discover that a passus is 1.48 meter and an american pace is 0.76 meters.

Which is it?

Neither: it's the actual pace of the caster. So, people with greater height have a larger pace.

I just take it to be about a meter and don't fuss about exact numbers; just use the numbers to make sure you're in the right ballpark.

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The pace is nominally an actual caster's pace, but the rules often treat it as a yard, 3 feet. The Roman pace was a double step, which is to say about 5 feet. A single step is about 2.5 feet, roughly 76 cm or 30 inches.

Perfectly clear, yes? :smiley: