Path of the Ninja: Friend Of Darkness

Is there an errata/clarification anywhere for Friend Of Darkness. It's a little ambiguous whether "When attacking an opponent for the first time in the current fight" means:

  1. Only the very first attack you make in the entire battle, or
  2. The first attack you make against each individual opponent. If you keep bouncing between targets, you can score this once on each Featured Foe or Boss.

I was thinking, since it's path of the ninja, that it's meant as an attack-from-surprise, so obviously that's meant as definition #1.
Later, it was pointed out how often ninjas in movies jump around from foe to foe, so I now wonder if they meant definition #2.

Definition #1 seems pretty narrow and a little weak, as you might not hit on that first attack and then its wasted... but you also get "Dark's Soft Whisper" for free with it, so maybe it's getting two weaker effects for your Advancement instead of one stronger option.

Anyone know for certain, or have a strongly held opinion they'd like to share with the group?

One of my players has Friend of Darkness, and we've interpreted it as option 2, or the 'bouncy ninja' option. After all, against most common Foes, it will only increase damage by a point or two (although it obviously has more effect against Bosses or Uber-Bosses).

(And, oddly, he rarely remembers this, and only occasionally switches from target to target.)

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