Paths to immortality without the Gift?

TMRE and HoH:MC provide a bunch of examples of Mystery paths that lead to immortality. However, pretty much all of them have mechanics that work only for magi (and in particular Hermetic magi - since the require Tech+Form Lab Totals), even though quite a few are thematically quite reasonable for hedge wizards (e.g. Guardian of Nature, Faerie Becoming) or ungifted heroes (e.g. Ascension to the Hall of Heroes). How could one get an ungifted companion pursue one of these paths?

In particular, I would find cool if in my game this Mercere could "ascend" as a daimon, patron of the house and of communication within the order at large. I mean, there's plenty of other Heroes in the Hall of Heroes who are not "mages". One possibility lies in the path described in HoH:S - essentially, you can duplicate a small class of spells with a supernatural ability. One could then re-cast the Daimonic Ascension mystery as a path granting you:

  1. The Ceremony ability (useful for the helpers)
  2. The Mystery itself
  3. The supernatural ability to cast or assist the ascension ritual - as a Major supernatural ability that you must raise to the point where you can handle all the necessary vis (1 pawn / point of ability).

Any other ideas from the lucky ones of you who already have RoM:M? I also think I heard that Ars and Academe has something about Maestros - apparently extraordinary artists that can become immortal beings of pure magic through their art. I am conflicted about buying Ars and Academe - while I am really awed by the quality standards of the 5th Edition, I do not think this particular book would find enough use in my games to justify the purchase. However, this Maestro thing could tip the balance in the way of a purchase, if anyone were willing to share a little information on their characteristics :slight_smile:, and in particular:

  • What magic might do they get?
  • Can they improve after becoming magical beings, or do they become "static"?
  • Can they be something other than artists (and in particular, could this apply to the Mercere example above)?
  • What requisites do you need to satisfy to become one?
  • Any other interesting perks - limitations?

In Art & Academe, Legendary Artists have a path to immortality. You could possibly expand that to heroes as well, making heroes that reach a Reputation score of 11+ 'legendary' and therefore eligible to be daimons or something.

In general, if you don't have Arts, look at basing Magic Might on an ability. Either five times a supernatural ability (as Bjornaer in Final Twilight do with Heartbeast), or two times a mundane ability (as Legendary Artists).

'Standard' magical beings have penalties to experience gain that renders any XP gain problematic after Might 10 or so, but they can bypass the penalty by consuming large amounts of vis. Other beings seem to require tokens of some sort; enchantments in a talisman for an alchemical immortal or living ghost, for example, or the artwork and familiars possible for legendary artists.

Art & Academe and Realms of Power: Magic are both great books, though I've needed to houserule the latter for balance (there are some painful glitches in magical being advancement I've talked about elsewhere.)
Anyone playing hermetic magi can use Art & Academe, since at least two of the abilities used for Natural Magic / Experimental Philosophy are commonly used in the Order -- Artes Liberales and Philosophiae. It also has useful guidelines for Corpus and Mentem spells.

Art and Academe is quite cool. One of my players is a doctor, which another is an apothecary and they were waiting for it to come out. They are quite pleased, although they are grumbling at how difficult it is to actually heal people "in the field". :slight_smile:

Spend enough time in the Magic Realm and you'll likely find yourself transformed into a Magic being. Or you could try making a pact with one of the powers of the sea before voluntarily drowning yourself.

About correct -- they're not necessarily magical, they can be of any supernatural realm.

Maestros are Mythic Companions, truly brilliant and flamboyant artists.
They are affiliated with any one realm (Infernal maestro? ow!) get a free craft or art-related virtue, have access to heroic V/F and some others that emphasize their eccentricity, ability to produce truly remarkable works, relations with patrons as well as the ability to imbue their art with magic.

Note that any artists can potentially become a magic being, Maestros just have a better chance at it due to the pile of virtues they can get at creating, heavily tipping the scales. :slight_smile:

From the information given (2x Craft Ability), I'd say about 15, 20 tops.

They are static like the other immortals. They can, however, fix experience in art pieces, much like immortal magi do with their talismans, which I think is really fitting. They can also attract a number of familiars (of sorts), which can also let the legendary artist fix experience.

The advancement rules from RoP:Magic and RoP:Faerie are explicitly said to be applicable.

Maestros are fundamentally artists, but I see no reason why you could not apply the same basic mechanisms to someone with Blood of Heroes (see below).

You need to acquire a legendary (level 11, good luck!) reputation for your art, having attracted along the way the attention of a supernatural being or two acting as your muse and/or patron.

See how it could be translated to Blood of Heroes? Replace art pieces with heroic feats in the name of your patron and you're all set. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, they do get a number of powers upon turning supernatural. Most of the rest is acquired along the way.

Downside is that they more or less get kidnapped by their supernatural patron upon becoming legendary (think "living forever after at their side...")

The legendary hero /maestro bit seeking ungifted immortality also seems like something apt to pair with the spirit votary from ROP:M.

When you look at it this way, it's also what ultimately happens to saints.

Hmm, so all these characters, and in particular Maestros, need a "sponsor"? They do not "ascend" solely by virtue of their own intrinsic nature? (incidentally thanks to all, and in particular to Fruny, for all the info)

Yes. Although they do tend to attract them along the way as their reputation increase.

No. And neither do magi, for that matter.

I see your point, though it does feel different in a way I can't really make clear - just like it feels different getting a promotion through a (minor) effort of your boss, or through a (major) effort of your underlings.