Patron virtue for magical./faerie beings

Would a virtue that allowed a magical or faerie being to act as a patron as described in arts and acadamie be a minor or major virtue? I'm inclined to think minor but I haven't given the question a great deal of consideration...

This one: A&A p.130 "... a patron is someone who agrees to support the artist for an undetermined length of time, sponsoring all of the artist’s work."?
This would be a role wrt to another character - and by that needs neither a specific Virtue nor a Flaw, but just a SG or troupe fiat.

'Venus' of the Tannhäuser legend might act as such a patron to get at Tannhäuser's vitality - while Tannhäuser finally learns that she is not the real thing and escapes.
To make such a Faerie a boon for Tannhäuser and a patron in the sense of A&A p.130, besides her Glamour to provide 'payment' she needs first and foremost a good reputation among humans to increase her protegees' Artist Reputations - like from RoP:F p.52 Positive Folktales. RoP:F p.54 Reputation as Confidence might further help such a Faerie patron. Make it a troupe decision, whether HoH:S p.56 Muse is a Virtue allowed for Faeries at all.

Magical beings might easier get Muse, but still should have a good reputation and a way to pay the artist.

I'm thinking muse, not patron... which is apparently one power which can apply to all 4 realms but which none can actually use (as players) by RAW. If we wanted to let players use those abilities as a virtue would it be minor or major(A&A 129)? Though as I'm looking through it a muse seems to act a lot like a familiar...