Paulos the Cook - Gold Shirt Grog

Okay, let's try again with a gold-shirt grog. This time I made up the (head) cook for the covenant. But he's also an inveterate gossip who keeps his ear to the ground and gathers all the best rumors.

[size=150]Paulos the Cook[/size]

Paulos was coven born and bred in the covenant of Polyaigos. In fact, some say that fact that he was conceived in a magical aura is why he seems strangely unaffected by the bad effects that the Gift has on most people. Like many youths, he did odd jobs for a variety of folk in the covenant before he found his calling. In this case, he found a place in the kitchen, having a knack for cooking. First he was a scullion, then a cook’s helper, and finally assistant to the master cook. Furthermore, since he seemed immune to the Gift, he was often called upon to directly serve the magi of the covenant.

But Paulos’s true gift was with gossip. No matter what the subject, he always seemed to know what was going on both in the covenant and in the nearby island of Melos – who was sleeping with whom, how the grape harvest on Melos was this year, where the troops were going to be sent. If there was a rumor about Paulos knew it. And since he had regular contact with the magi, he even had a good idea of what was going on with them. Everyone had to eat. And messengers, couriers, and the like always liked to stop in the kitchen for a little bite.

In time, however, Paulos became impatient with his position. The head cook was only ten years older than he was, and unlikely to retire for another decade or more. So, when his sources told him that a new covenant was starting that was looking for covenfolk, he decided to see if he could get the job of head cook there. In some ways it would be a step down, moving from a strong, established covenant to a brand new covenant. But the chance to be his own man was too much for Paulos. He sent word that he was interested in coming to the covenant, and was quickly brought on as the head cook. (Well, the only cook for now. But he's in charge of the kitchen, and that's what matters.)

Characteristics: Int +1 (0), Per +2 (0), Pre 0 (0), Com +1 (0), Str 0 (0), Sta +1 (0), Dex +1 (0), Qik -2 (0)
Size: -1
Age: 47 (47)
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 250 lbs
Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 1 (0)
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)

Gossip (minor)
Immune to the Gift (minor)
Covenfolk (free)
Puissant Craft (minor)

Busybody (minor)
Obese (minor)
Small Frame (minor)

Area Lore: Polyaigos Covenant (people) 2
Area Lore: Patras area (people) 1
Animal Handling (draft animals) 1
Awareness (alertness) 4
Bargain (food) 4
Brawl (dodge) 1
Carouse (staying sober) 2
Charm (making a good impression) 4
Craft: Baker 4+2
Craft: Cook (desserts) 7+2
Etiquette (magi) 2
Folk Ken (covenfolk) 4
Guile (lying to authority) 3
Intrigue (gossip) 6
Leadership (kitchen) 2
Lingua Franca (food) 2
Order of Hermes Lore (people) 2
Profession: Sailor (small boats) 2
Romaic Greek 5
Stealth (sneaking) 2
Swimming (long-distance swimming) 2

[size=150]Aging Rolls[/size]

35-40: Stress Die +4 (age) -1 (living conditions)
41-46: Stress Die +5 (age) -1 (living conditions)

35: 1d10=2, 2+3=5
36: 1d10=2, 2+3=5
37: 1d10=2, 6+3=9
38: 1d10=6, 6+3=9
39: 1d10=4, 4+3=7
40: 1d10=8, 8+3=11 1 AP in Per
41: 1d10=3, 3+4=7
42: 1d10=2, 2+4=6
43: 1d10=6, 6+4=10 1 AP in Per
44: 1d10=1, doubled; 1d10=10, 20+4=24 3 AP in Per
AGING CRISIS – Aging Total: 1d10=6, 6 + 5 (age) = 11; bedridden for a month
45: 1d10=5, 5+4=9
46: 1d10=5, 4+5=9

[size=85]Edited because I forgot about the -1 living conditions at an Autumn covenant.
Edited to correct the points for his actual age. [/size]

2 details: first it would be craft:cook, not profession. This has minor significance, primarily in that you produce a good (food) have a workshop (kitchen) and have rules for quality, which affect aging rolls for everyone at the covenant. Your base workshop total is 7 which provides no benefit, but if he improves the quality of his cooking enough, or the quality of his kitchen, it will make aging rolls and other health related rolls easier for everyone, including himself. Assistants also improve this total based on their skill, which brings me to the second point- leadership. I would recommend changing it to leadership (kitchen) since leadership (grogs) technically only applies to the men at arms of the covenant...

Ah, I wasn't certain whether it would be Craft or Profession. Thanks for the clarification.

That was my intent. I'll make the change.

Also, I had wanted him to be a really good cook. And looking at the rules in C&G, it seems like he has to meet a craft level of 12 for superior items. Assuming it goes by either Int (recipes) or Dex (physical cooking), a Cooking 6 just isn't going to cut it. Would you mind if I swapped Intrigue and Cooking (and the Affinity)?

That would be fine. Keep in mind if he can get an apprentice/assistant he gets to add 1/2 their skill level to the workshop totals, and as he spends time in the workshop he can improve resources and innovation...

Maybe I'll even out the two skills a bit.

BTW, what's the attribute that most often controls Cooking?

I am coming up with age 37, why are you rolling so far past that?

Then I'll fiddle with Characteristics a little bit. :slight_smile:

Hmm, because I'm having trouble with my math. I just entered him into Metacreator and I get an age of 41.

Your call, I can just keep him at 41 and cut the other aging rolls, or I can up him to genuinely be 46 in Abilities as well. My intention was to have him be an older grog. But the difference between 41 and 46 isn't large enough to worry about.

[strike]I'm still not seeing anything past 37 with 600 points in abilities[/strike]
forgot to add the first 5 years back in, 42 is the age...

Well, since I already rolled for his aging up through 46, I figure I ought to age him up so that he's 47.

Okay, looks good, this is done now?

Yup, he's done.

Spring 1222 Adventure: 6 xp.
3 xp in Intrigue; 3 xp in Folk Ken