PbEM saga looking for players.

Hello there,

if you are interested in playing in a PbEM saga starting in mid-January, then send an email with a short character concept to: james_cheneryAThotmail.com (curse spam lists... :smiley: )

I will be running the game using a Yahoo group, and a privately hosted wiki. Characters sheets, campaign information, maps, and anything else the players want to add, will be put on the wiki.

The game will be set in the British Isles.

During character creation, there will be a group discussion regarding what sort of saga you'd like to take part in, aspects of the game you would like to focus on, etc.



Can i use Aussie English?
Does this mean i have to relearn my high school grammar? :frowning:

I'm interested (since i am unlikely to get any other form of Ars Game).
What do i need to know about PbEM?
I have never done one before , so have no idea how it works in practice.

Good point. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_English
Written Australian English seems rather close to Commonwealth English, so I shouldn't worry. :smiley:

Anyway, the saga is beginning to take shape, there is now a Yahoo! discussion group for the game, and I've got most of the server software installed for the wiki. :smiley:

It works very well in practice, but tends to be much slower paced than a campaign, or chat-room roleplaying. One story will last a long time. One of the key benefits is that you have a lot of time to consider just how your character would act in a given situation, and this can lead to some really top-notch roleplaying. :smiley: