Pbp accepting new people?

I m quite new in Ars but i like this game.

So i would try a Pbp...

For the magus concept... mmh. Some Ex Mex specialist in ReMe, i would think. (Yes, I like the Ex Miscellanea)

IFf you wanna me : :smiley:

But, i have some questions : what about the age of the character?
I want to try, but im not sure if my english level is good enough :frowning: (im french native)


nobody? :cry:

(This is not, primarily, a Play by Post site. If the few games we have are full, or the SG's have not read this in the last 28 hours, you should not expect an answer quickly.

Also, try here:
(tho' I ~think~ there are none open at the moment, except on in... Italian?)

Thanks for the link.