PbP covenants

Hello everyone!

While I have never played AM, I have owned a copy of the 2nd ed rules for a long time, and have of course downloaded the free 4th edition pdf, and perused the 5th edition, and am sufficiently impressed enough to order a few 5ed Hardbacks just for pure reading enjoyment if nothing else. My problem is that I work long and wierd hours (Real Estate) and also have a three month old daughter to care for, so my playing time is very short (And I wouldn't know where to find a group anyway) I have enjoyed other RPG's on the web in a Play by Post fashion, and I was wondering if any of you might be able to point me to any good AM play by post games, or would be willing to form one with me.

It seems to me that with the troupe style of play, that an AM saga on a message board would be very cool, with multiple storylines and characters being played at the same time. If any of you could help it would be much appreciated!



Hello ShawnG! Welcome! I'm sure there are other, possibly better places, but I know there have been a few PbP games of Ars Magica at rpg.net - its not a bad place to start. Hopefully, others will be along with more suggestions.

You can also find several (some defunct, some still active) Ars Magica PbP games at rpol.net

I believe a new one call "Reign of Spring" just started up but I know nothing about it or if it's accepting new players.

The new players light in that game has been switched off, after accepting 11 players, but there is an ussumption that some will drop out.

I believe that rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=20278&gn=Ar ... 1167339555 having only 4 players might be open to more, but be warned we have a fierce posting rate, usually each posting 10 or more times per day, sometimes up to 20 times each over the course of several hours. This one is also 5th edition.

I also run a game rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=20130&gn=Ar ... 1167336205 which YR7 just dropped out of which is 4th edition but suffering because most players are only posting once every three days, and I am trying to let other players talk to each other rather than answering every question the others pose with an npc.

Most of the other Ars magica games on that site appear to have fallen through.

I doubt we'll see all 11 create characters. I wasn't expecting so many people so quickly...I've had to tell one person that I'd keep his info but, for now, we're quite overfull.