Do you buy books pdfs or both?

  • Books only?
  • Books and PDFs?
  • PDFs only?

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I would like to just express the desire for the rest of the catalogue of old 3rd and 4th edition products to be made available for purchase in PDF formats. As well as the release of 5th edition as they come out. As someone who only buys pdfs (due to storage space) I'd like to help show their commercial viability.

I'd also like to make the point that unlike RPGNow as a vendor, the company DriveThruPRG register every pdf per customer and thus block the prospect of illegal copying.

PDF sucks for screen-reading, unless it has been specifically designed for screen reading, is extensively hyperlinked, etc. If it is at most a couple of dozen pages then printing it out is a viable option, but over that I'd rather not.

If I need a book and it is only available as a PDF, then I have no choise and will probably buy the PDF, but more often then not I reconsider and decide that I don't really need it.

Now, books that I get a digital version of along with the book are great: it's not that the electronic version lacks utility, just that the physical book is of much greater utility to me. This is also not due to lacking a laptop or being computer-averse: all my computers are laptops, and I make my living out of software.



I'd also like to raise the banner for PDF publications!

For current (i.e. 5th ed) i prefer books as we manhandle these when running a session and i don't have a laptop i can drag down into my living room.

However for previous editions, i only use them for
a) plot ideas.
b) rules conversions (i.e. find something i like and translate it)
c) general background.

I don't need a book for any of these and hence PDF is fine by me since its cheaper, takes up less room in my house and (hoorah for conscience gaming) is environmentally sounder.

Take a look at this prior thread for more on books as PDF

Printing out PDFs involves the paper size problem - the world outside North America uses different sizes to the USA (dunno about Canada)

I only buy PDFs for those out-of-print books that I really want.