Pelegan ex Jerbiton

Please post Pelegan ex Jerbiton's character sheet here. This thread will also cover laboratory, personal OOC information or anything related.

Name: Pelegan ex Jerbiton filius Felix ex Jerbiton Birth Name: Johann van Dijk
Age: 37 Size: 0 Confidence: 1 [3] Decrepitude:0 (2) Warping: 2 (0)
Gender: Male Nationality: Dutch Height: 5´ 10" Weight: 150 pounds
Hair: brown Eyes: brown Handedness: Right Religion: Christian Title: -
Parens: Felix Voting Sigil: a miniture book engraved with the mentem symbol Magic Sigil: resin (mostly the smell or the tenacity) Reputation: -

Personality Traits:
Scholarly +3
Disciplined +3
Brave +2
Loyal (Ratatöskr) +3

Intelligence: +2
Perception: 0
Strength: -1 (1)
Stamina: -1
Presence: +1
Communication: +5
Dexterity: -2
Quickness: +1

The Gift (Hermetic, Free)
Hermetic Magus (Social, Free)
Good Teacher (House, Free)
Mythic Blood, feat: change into a bear, MuCo30, Base 10, +2 Sun duration, +1 Size, +1 requisite so that clothing changes too (Hermetic, Major)
Minor Magic Focus: wood (Hermetic, Free)
Free Study (Hermetic, Minor)
Deft form: mentem (Hermetic, Minor)
Personal vis source: 3 creo vis/year (Hermetic, Minor)
Great Communication x2 (General, Minor)
Skilled Parens (Hermetic, Minor)
Cyclic magic (positive): Spring and Summer Season (Hermetic, Minor)
True friend: Ratatöskr

Magical animal companion (Story, Minor)
Amibitious (Personality, Major)
Envious (Personality, Free)
Difficult longevity ritual (Hermetic, Major)
Fragile constitution (General, Minor)
Loose magic (Hermetic, Minor)
Flawed parma magica: Herbam (Hermetic, minor)

Speak Dutch (negotiations) 5, Athletics (Running) 1, Awareness (Alertness) 2, Folk Ken (Nobles) 2, Survival (forests) 1, Swim (long distances) 1, Charm (first impressions) 2, Artes Liberales (Ritual magic) 1, Speak Latin (hermetic usage) 4, Magic Theory (Enchanting items) 5, Parma Magica (Mentem) 3, Code of Hermes (Mundane Relations) 2, Etiquette (Nobility) 3, Finesse (casting speed) 1, Penetration (Mentem) 1, Great Weapon (Staff) 1, Civil and Canon Law (papal laws) 1, Concentration (Spell) 3, Theology (biblical knowledge) 1, Intrigue (Alliances) 2, Order of Hermes Lore (politics) 2, Teaching (Apprentices) 2, Area Lore: Saxony (geography) 1, Area Lore: Champagne (geography) 1, Leadership (inspiration) 1, Lotharingan tribunal lore (politics) 1

Creo 11
Intellego 5
Muto 10
Perdo 3
Rego 3(1)

Animal 2
Aquam 1
Auram 1
Corpus 7
Herbam 7
Ignem 1
Imaginem 3
Mentem 10
Terram 2
Vim 0

Charge of the angry winds CrAu 15
Whispering Winds InAu 15
Purification of the festering wounds CrCo 20
Whispers through the black gate InCo(Me) 15
Prying eyes and ears InIm 10
Aura of enobled presence MuIm 10
Veil of Invisibility, but with range Personal PeIm 15
Posing the silent question InMe 20
Aura of rightful authority ReMe 20
Memory of the distant dream with duration Moon CrMe 25
Loss of but a moments memory PeMe 15

Ratatöskr, his familiar:
Magic Might: 16
Characteristics: Int -+2 Per +1, Pre –2, Com 0, Str -8, Sta 0, Dex +3, Qik +4
Size: -6
Age: n/a
Decrepitude: n/a
Virtues and Flaws: Perfect Balance, Lightning reflexes, True friend: Pelegan, Reclusive
Personality Traits: Cautious +3, Curious +1, Loyal (Pelegan) +3
Reputations: n/a
Combat: (Teeth) Init +4; Att +7; Def +5; Dam -7
Soak: +1
Wound Penalties: -1 (1), -3 (2), -5 (3), Inc (4)
Fatigue Levels: OK, Winded (0), Weary (-1), Tired (-3), Dazed (-5), Unconscious
Abilities: Athletics (Climb) 4, Awareness (danger) 3, Brawl (teeth) 2, Stealth (hiding) 4, Survival (in winter) 3, Magic theory (enchanting items) 4 [8xp]
Powers: not yet decided
Equipment: none
Encumbrance: 0
Vis: 2 pawns of Herbam in the tail
Appearance: A typical european squirrel, which means it has a reddish colour (the north-american grey squirrel came to europe much later)

Pelegans laboratory:
Size +1 (0)
Refinement 0
General Quality +6
Upkeep +1
Safety +2
Warping 0
Health +2
Aesthetics +1

Specializations: +1 Items, +1 Re, +1 Cr, +2 Vi, +1 He

Spacious (Structure, minor, free to start with if size permits)
Dedicated Building (Structure, free)
Idyllic Surroundings (Structure, free, because of covenant boon vivid enviroment)
Enchantment (Supernatural, free, because of boon Great work, effect: specialization +2 Vi)
Familiar (Supernatural, free)

Poorly insulated (Structure, minor, because of covenant hooks wooden/crumbling)
Infested with vine (Outfittings, free, because of covenant hook crumbling)

Pelagans history/personality:
Its not like Johann faced the same problems as lots of other gifted kids before him, he was never beaten up or humiliated in public because he was so strange. He is, after all, the third son of Baron Willem van Dijk. And on the other hand he faced just the same problems as all those other kids. His father was very proud of his first two sons and the way they developed. The eldest, who showed every sign of promise to become a good and just ruler. The second born, who was strong and agile and had the spirit of a fierce warrior. He would surely become a fine knight. And then his wife gave birth to this strange, sickly and clumsy weakling. Who took his mothers life on the childbed to boot. Who grew up to pose the strangest questions in a way, that made his father look stupid compared to this 8year-old. The baron loathed his youngest and Johann grew up in a very strange enviroment. He missed no mundane things, he was always fed well and dressed warm. But emotionally and mentally, he was starving and shivering. What life his father had planned for him, some minor role in aiding his eldest brother run the estate (no way this strange kid could be let into the outside world and bring shame to the name van Dijk!), was giving Johann the bleakest outlook into the future.
This all changed when at the age of 12 a kind of wandering scholar visited the estate and in some way coerced his farther into letting him teach the boy some latin and a few sermons. The scholar was of course his future parens and Johann left his home in a hurry, with not regrets at all. He embraced his new life fully and finally thinks that he knows what to do with his life.
While learning about magic in general and the jerbiton approach specifically (not that his parens showed him many alternatives), Johann found out, that some magic came very naturally to him. He was rather amazed when he soon found out that he was able to produce a rather mighty magical effect with no effort and so was his parens.
Pelagan is thus torn between
a) what he was taught by his master and knows to be the kind of lifestyle he envisions for him (mentem and corpus magic, influencing people, scholarly research) and
b) what comes naturally to him, from whatever source deep inside him (his focus for wood, his talent to change into a mighty creature of the forest, a general interest in herbam magic)
This struggle is symbolized by his Sigils, the voting sigil beeing an active choice and his magic sigil coming naturally.

First and foremost Pelagan is driven by his ambition for all kinds of scholarly research. He studies alot and likes to exchange thoughts with others, on either magical or mundane topics. Because of both distance and the effect of his gift on mundanes, he prefers to express himself in letters. But he doenst mind discussing aspects of magic theory in person for hours without end...Somewhere in the past Pelagan was introduced by his parens to Lady Corijs. As far as society allowed, she is also interested in knowledge and scholarly research, meaning she mostly concentrates on canon religious belief. Because of this concentration, she is much more knowledgeable in this area, but couldnt every express things as beautifully as Pelagan, for which she admires him. The two have always kept contact via letters since visits were rare. As things turned out, Pelagan was looking for a new covenant about the same time as Lady Corjis´ husband died, her lands were taken over by the vile Lord Onkerdonk and she seeked refugee.

Pelagan is wary of the natural side of his magic, but willing to explore it more. He found and befriended another magical creature of the wood, a squirrel, that he hopes will give him new insights into his own personality.

Start: changed type of vis source from rego to creo, specifics to follow