Penetrating spells wards

I want to create an item that will penetrate a spell set up to stop it. Allow me to explain.

Magus a casts Repel the Wooden Shafts (ReHe10, stops one wooden weapon attack a round).

Magus B has cunningly outfitted his turb with arrows specifically enchanted to pass through herbam wards.

Is this possible and if so how? 4th ed allow you to make anti-magic charms but this seems to have been struck from 5th ed.

My guess would be something along the lines of perdo vim (to bring down the enemy spell) or Rego vim (to make a hole in the ward large enough to slip through).

Obviously you'd need good penetration or the arrow will go straight through the RtWS and bounce off the parma.

Would Unravelling the fabric of (Form - in this case herbam) on an arrow with touch range allow me to a) dispel enemy mages herbam spell and b) then allow the arrow to continue onwards and put a hole in the enemy mage?

I guess you don't actually want to transform the arrow into something non-Herbam ,
then have it return to its normal , non-magical wooden form once past the ward.

There is a Mystery Virtue in True Lineages, Mutantum Magic, that allows you to "Tether" a spell to an item, but otherwise, I don't think an item can deliver a spell unless it's enchanted.

Ravenscroft's idea is great, however.

The arrows are going to be charged items.

The idea is to have a one use effect on them to allow to to skip merrily through herbam wards.

This arrow is meant to be a mageslayer, i'm planning on keeping it rather quiet.

This posses another problem - what ever effect you put on/in the arrows it would have to include a good enough Penetration for them to do their work. If you make some kind of effect that makes the arror penetrate the ward, and you dont have enough leftover from the Casting Total (+any efforts to pentrate like horoscopes, names, etc), the arrows would fly straight through the ward but get stopped cold by the magus' parma. Yuo would solve one problem but create a new one.¨

I think the easiest way - albitt not the most exiting - would be for you to learn a sufficient high enough PeVi spell with a Sight range (the surprise is kind of ruined if you use Voice and have to shout at the target) and practice together with the archer to let the arrow and the spell fly as close after eachother as possible, so that the magus do not get too much time to prepare from the Ward is destroyed till the arrows hit home.

I think there might be two other reservations to this - and might be your initial reason for doing it otherwise - first of you would have to be there, and being implicated n another magus' death you might prefer to be far far away, and thus hopefully far from the blame aswell. Secondly you would probably have to have someone else implicated to shot the arrow, as you would be proccupied with the spell.

Hey Furion, good points. The arrow is actually for a mage character, a giant blooded archer verditius. His spell casting is, frankly rubbish, but his lab work is a little bit better, therefore i aim to use items for all his combat needs and spells for general utility work.

Your post did however give me cunning ideas about how to equip grogs to take down enemy mages and still claim innocence.

I am planning on putting about 20 points of lab total into each arrow letting it zip through all but the highest parma. I expect to only be making one of these arrows per season of lab work, but on the other hand, i don't expect to be using them too often either.

A lot of discussion here about other ways to do the job. No one seems to have taken on your question directly.

I think that a range touch duration diameter spell. In a charged item would work very well. If the target was being defended by repel the wooden shaft. It wouldn't work against shreik of the impending shafts, circling winds of protection, a creo ignem spell that burns up arrows as they aproach, or an enchanted device that puts small stone pillars between the wearer and incomming arrows, but it would work fine to cut through "repel the wooden shafts".

If your game hasn't house ruled penetration for charged items it shouldn't even be too hard to make arrows that punch through a target's parma.