Penetration and Warping

Does penetration on a spell cause warping ? In the main rulebook it says about spell level, but shouldn't it be casting total? After all the Penetration is adding extra oomph to a spell to make it push through someone's MR.

This means that even low level spells can cause warping, if they have enough penetration.

Interesting point. I can see arguments both ways. Personally, I'd stick with the RAW. The penetration just makes sure that the effect takes hold, but the warping arises from how the target is fundamentally affected by the spell; a spell to lift someone off the floor is nothing compared to a spell to magically transport them several miles. But the same magus casting both spells would likely achieve the same casting total for both spells.


I wont allow penatration to inflict warping. This would change the game. If a powerfull magus (or maga) want to cast for example a healing spell he would automatically inflict warping! And this would limit him in an extreme way ...