Perdo Corpus: Inflict Disease

For the next saga i'm playing one of my character concepts would have a Magical Focus in disease. Looking at the Perdo Corpus guidlines in Art & Academe page 57 "inflict any disease" and the spell "Curse the Leprous Flesh" i wanted to ask if the target of the spell would get the effects of the disease immediately or if just the contagion would be inflicted and the disease would take it's course from there (meaning that the effects/symptoms would manifest much later).

Answers will be greatly appreciated!

The spells "Curse of the Leprous Flesh" and "Curse of the Unportended Plague" would seem to suggest that the victim begins to suffer the effects of the disease immediately (assuming he fails the Stamina roll) and that it progresses normally. Obviously not all of the symptoms will be presenting immediately (especially in the case of leprosy), but it would appear that the normal incubation period is waived in the case of magical diseases.

Ok, thank you! Would the Rego Corpus guidline (A&A page 57) "Invoke a major symptom of a disease without creating any underlying malaise" also requiere a Stamina roll to work? Because most diseases have a Stable Ease Factor of 6, which is not too hard to beat and making the use of diseases as the character's main combat source pretty unreliable.

Hmmm that's true... Maybe take a cue from the sahir and the hermetic Aquam guidelines and allow the magus to increase the EF of the Stamina roll at the cost of adding additional Magnitudes to the spells?