Perfect Flambeau Familiar - the Phoenix?

I was reading up on the Familiar rules and I suddenly realised what the only animal which might fit a puissant Ignem/puissant Creo old-skool Flambeau magus as a familiar would be- the Phoenix.

Now, where can I get one in Stonehenge Tribunal? And are there stats or a Magic Might for them anywhere?



Well, technically there's only one pheonix at a time, and it rocks it out in Egypt, and possibly Soqotra, so...try to find a faerie pretending to be a pheonix?

How about a Simurgh instead?

Nastassia Baramov would disagree about that.

Does she hang around with Boris Badenov? :stuck_out_tongue:
Google-Fu on Nastassia Baromov got me this site
(did not trigger any alerts from my anti-virus program)

Oh no, this is one of the magus in Dragon and the bears from 4th. Since I use this as the frame for my Novgorod saga, I'm in the process of recreating every NPC magus and I did turn Nastassia into an inner "fire eagle", which is what you call a phenix :wink: - she even has the blood of Phenix - and her goal is to found every other descendant of the mythic bird, hoping that gathering them could help to reincarnate the Phenix :wink:.

I added a link for those who do not know who she is to my NPC fifth edition Nastassia :slight_smile:.

If there is only one, you could consider it is daemon-like and so, as for daemon, you could get an avatar, and so as many as you want...

... I really hope you mean Daimon lady M :wink:

just a spelling mistake

If you can't get the phoenix, you could go for the Chimera, except that Bellerophon killed it :frowning: but maybe there was more than one ?

I'm not seeing how the Chimera is associated with Creo and Ignem magics - can you explain?



Every Tom, Dick, and Harry Flambeau is going to have a typical fire-related familiar, whether it's a Russian fire bird or a salamandar or what not. If you want your Flambeau to stand out you get them a bonnacon.

But beware, that's how they get you! :wink: "Yes, yes, just a slight spelling error - but just sign the contract anyway..."

I didn't write "demon" and I don't see really the difference between daemon and daimon... I have no way to remember the spelling, but may Englishspeaking have...