Performance Magic: Neo-Mercurian Magic (Organization Lore)

Page 115 of TMRE, not sure how this would ever get used?

So you get performance duration spells that last as long as you do Neo-Mercurian Magic? Is that just every ritual? So you can have a spell last as long as you take to perform a ritual (both Ritual Spells and religious rites stuff)? I can't really think of any practical applications for that, but that doesn't mean they aren't there so if anyone has any examples they've seen in a game that would be great!

Was it a band-aid for the whole Wizard's Communion duration issue and so you wanted a performance duration Wizard's Communion so it lasted as long as you were doing the ritual?

Edit: also the altars mentioned in the text and Hermetic Sacrifice, is there any more info on those anywhere?

For info on altars you might check the Mercurian Temple in Mythic Locations.

I assume it would be like if a Catholic Priest Holy magus had Performance Magic: Christian Theology or whatever one uses to determine how well the Mass was delivered. That rather than it working during magic rituals it worked during religious rites for the mercurian faith, whatever their equivalent to mass or a baptism or a funeral would be. It doesn’t seem useful beyond flavor to me.

Ooh, thanks for bringing Mythic Locations to my attention, very nice book.

And yeah, you get to use non-hermetic voice/gestures by replacing them with... weird Mercurian ones, which seems like you're not going to get the disguising benefit, but I guess not needing to concentrate because you do some weird stuff is still good.

No. TMRE pre-dates that particular MuVi errata by several years.
It should work well for that, however.

...not exactly... As my players never got there.
But some years ago, I had a cult which initiated Performance magic with their cult Lore. They were mostly theurgists, and would summon Daimons as a group.

They never did get any real "screen time" though. :-/