Peripheral code of Thebes

In my saga, the PC are greek magi struggling against the "latinisation" of the Theban Tribunal.
More and more latin magi arrive in the tribunal, to exploit its many magical ressources and transform its political structures.
I'm looking for ideas on the kind of short and long-term actions the latin magi might undertake.
I got the "obvious" ones :
-they will try to establish a Praeco, instead of an elected archon
-they will demand that the metoikos be able to obtain psephos (tokens)
-massive petitions for decrees of citizenship
-build town houses in Constantinople, like the magi do in Venice in the roman tribunal, to establish a "counter power" to the greek system.
-try to impose Guernicus magi as permanent members of the legislative and judicial boards, etc.
I guess most of their legal attempts would simply be overturned by the still more numerous greek magi. So, what else could they do (besides encouraging more latin magi to come) ? How would you manage this ?
I'm looking forward to your input.

They could simply make all their speeches in tribunal in Latin, and have all their official and unofficial communication in latin, even with greek speakers.

They can bring a redcap from another tribunal that only visits latin covenants.

In general they can try to cause a rift in the tribunal. If there are enough of them and their effort is concerted they can bring down the larger pacific majority, that theds to prefer to avoid rifts and concedes in favour of peace, so the minority opinion carries the day. Politicians do that all the time in Spain and the tea party does that in the US as well. They set up the terms of the debate, so what is discussed and its A and B alternatives is nearer their opinion than the general opinion of the tribunal.

I would not like to play in that saga myself since this cultural imperialism touches on current day problems too much for my liking, but have fun with it! :slight_smile:


A parallel redcap network... Great idea.

This sounds very interesting, but I'm not really sure I understand it well, or how to implement it.

Now that you say it, it seems obvious. But it didn't strike anyone in our troupe, that's intriguing. The players wanted to play more reckless magi (as opposed to their usual "good guys") who would oppose the Order as a whole (actually, they stand up on behalf of several hedge traditions, many of the PC are Ex Misc.). I felt this was an underlying theme in TSE that I could use to this effect. Or maybe do you mean that it feels anachronistic in Mythic Europe ? All in all, "cultural imperialism" felt like a nice "super villain" for a saga.
I hope it doesn't sound offensive or anything...

As an hypothetical example:

If immigration is not a real problem in your society but a party emerges that starts talking how immigrants cause more insecurity, and how they menace the foundations of your culture, how they will mean the downfall of your civilization in a few generations.... etc etc. Suddenly you have a problem where there was none, and the debate moves to immigration as an issue where it was NOT an issue previously. So, in the end you end up passing immigration legislation that might have not been needed. Probably some of the ideas of the party that started the debate get leaked in the final law, even if the whole law respects immigration, it might impose some constraints on it.

So there we go: a debate switched to the problems of immigration in a society that had no problems at all about it previously. Those voices are hard to be ignored.

Hope that clarifies the issue :slight_smile:

In your case, a case for the problem of greek being used can be made, for example. Sudedenly being a greek tribunal is a huge problem because it sets you appart from the rest of order. The debate is likely to end up recognizzing that being grerek speakers is AMAZING and COOL and should be kept.... BUT latin is also great as a tool of communication with the rest of the order, and in oprder to avouid exclusion should be co-official in the tribunal. Better than the previous situation for the latin speakers. they are likely to keep nagging for 200 or so years about how latin makes them much cooler and able to share knowledge with the rest of the order etc etc. And those discourses then to keep leaking in even if they are totally preposterous.

Who says latin, says praeco, redcaps, logotetes, quaesitores, head hoplite, adoration of idols, vis ownership,....


Yep, this concrete example was useful, thanks.
Seems like an effective strategy to influence or bend a political issue, in a very "populist" fashion.
I'll have to add some more reasonable and sensible latin magi, to avoid a too nefarious view of one-sided, simple-minded opponents.