Permission to add Foundry VTT support?

Hi! Before I do it, I want to make sure this is okay, as I don't know what are the license terms for this game.

I'd like to try playing Magical Kitties via Foundry VTT, so I thought about creating the system myself, and if it works out well, share it as a community (free) package. I saw a post about Roll20, so I'm assuming this is fair use, but I want to be 100% sure. :slight_smile:

Honestly, as a cat and fantasy lover, I'm really enjoying this system. It's so cute, simple, and fun, I played it from my phone in the middle of the night the other day, when I couldn't sleep. All I needed was Apple Notes, a dice app, and the solo comic PDF. Thanks for making the comic free, by the way. I wouldn't have found the system so easily if it weren't for it. Now I own the digital deluxe bundle.


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It would be nice to get an answer to this. My Kitty Krew is moving in a few months and I was playing around with Fari ( Fari App | The Free and Open-Source Virtual Tabletop) to see if that would be an option for online play. If I got a character sheet template set up that worked and looked ok, I'd wouldn't mind sharing it with the community there- if that's ok.

There are several hometown setups on Tabletop Simulator: Steam Community :: Atlas Games :: Workshop Items

Does that mean the answer to the original post is no?

I know about the tabletop simulator content, but I don’t use tabletop simulator.

Thanks again.

It's a thorny issue, that we don't have great answers for. We've tried to address it in our Fair Use policy, which you can read here:

Basically, for computer games, mobile phone apps, and virtual tabletops (VTTs), we partner with developers who license our products and pay us a percentage of sales as a royalty.

We really do appreciate fan offers to develop apps/VTTs themselves and upload them to their favorite platform for free, but realize that the app's host still profits from our intellectual property, whether it's via subscriptions, ads, or software purchase. That makes it a paid-for use even if you're not the one making any money, and it competes with sales we might make via licensing. Because of this, we'd need a license with the host, which is pretty much impossible in our experience, because they have little motivation to pay for content.

I'm really sorry I can't offer any better news, but that's the way things stand for now.