Perses ex Flambeau

Here's my work-in-progress magus, complete with notes to me, copy-pasted out of my work. This is him as he was at his gauntlet minus spells; I'd rather have my work so far signed off before I start slogging away on working out seven years of advancement the long way.

Perses ex Flambeau
Born 1188
5 years early childhood = 1193
5 years pre-apprenticeship = 1198
5-6 years apprenticeship = 1203-4 CRUSADE AGE 15-16
9 years apprenticeship = 1213
7 years post-gauntlet = 1220

Son of a rich family in Venice, and well-educated. (Dandolo?)

Originally taken in by a venetian Tytalus, a relative of the family. Harsh and uncompromising master, but a true streak of the tytalean in him: brought out the boy's love of luxury and edge for superiority.

When his parens went out with the fourth crusade, he went with, but the use of magic on the battlefield was a violation of the Code. Excommunicated, as the crusaders were.

Master was marched - apprentice was re-taken by the killer, a flambeau, though he's still excommunicate.

three seasons post gauntlet: pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Made it, but was not absolved of his sin. Still excommunicate.

Do not fear God or magic: as long as I live a magus, Twilight will be my escape from damnation.

Live richly, spare no price for happiness. I have suffered ignominy long enough; let my sanctum be my palace.

Loss of secrets cost my parens his life. Keep my deeds private, but seem to live openly, lest I be suspected.

Int: 3 Per: 0 Prs: 2 Com: 1
Str: -2 Sta: 1 Dex: 0 Qik: -1

Italian (governmental language) 5
Charm (entertaining) 3
Guile (half-truths) 3
Folk Ken (nobles) 3
Latin (classical) 5
Area Lore: The Holy Land 1
Artes Lib (rheoric) 3
Intrigue (plotting) 2
Carouse (staying sober) 3
Concentration (lab work) 2
Music (composition) 3
Ride (show riding) 1
Civil and Canon Law (venetian law) 1
Code of Hermes (mundane relations) 1
Parma Magica (Ig) 1
Magic Theory (Corpus) 4

Cr 6
In 1
Mu 4
Pe 5
Re 7

An 1
Co 13 (61)
He 1
Ig 1
Me 2
Vi 3

Well Travelled +1 (50 xp for language, area lore, bargain, carouse, charm, etiquette, folk ken, guile)
Educated +1 (Academic abilites available, 50 xp for latin and artes lib)
Famous +1
Gentle Gift +3 Hermetic
Luck +1 (+1-3 on lucky situations)
Affinity with Corpus +1 (study totals +1/2, xp +1/2 at creation)
Puissant Corpus +1 (+3 totals with Corpus)
Inventive Genius +1 (+3 lab totals inventing, crafting, or potioning: +6 when experimenting)
Puissant Perdo (0)
The Gift (0)
Hermetic Magus (0)

Excommunicate -3 Story
Infamous Master -1 Hermetic
Hedonist -1 Personality
Restriction: on consecrated ground/in a church -3
Succeptibilty to Infernal -1 (become sick+ lose resistances in infernal)
Weird Magic -1 (botch dice for strange shit)

The Church (-3) Excommunicate
Magi (-3) Meddling Crusader
Welcoming +4

Hedonistic +2
Generous +1
Paranoid +1

Confidence 1 (3 pts)