Persona and clothes

The picture on p.88 of HoH:Societas always confuses me.

It seems to imply that switching Personas (the supernatural ability) means you automatically swap clothes.
I know that when you first craft a new Persona, you need to acquire the appropriate clothes and equipment. But what happens when you swap between established Personae?

presumably you switch clothes between established wardrobes.

If you allow each persona to 'store' its clothing it leads to a lot of potential issues.

  1. What happens when the mage carrying his talisman and other magical items changes to another persona do these magic items vanish into 'storage'. What if he dies while they are in 'storage'
  2. Sneaking stuff into places. Persona 1 is in Full mail, sword , etc , , switch to persona 2 which carries nothing problematic and then walk into somewhere weapons are not allowed , instant impossible to detect security breach. Great for most kinds of smuggling
  3. No other ability has this storage , shapechangers leave their clothes and carried items unaffected

The picture is just a picture not part of the rules and letting Persona work differently than all other shapechange effects is just too complicated

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Thank goodness for that.

My impression is that you would need to change the clothes manually, perhaps carry them in a pack if you expect to change personas, not be given miraculous shapeshifting abilities...
I mean you could not change clothes and seem very out of character when you "change" to a noble running around in a peasants tunic

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Something similar to the power invested in The Fruit of the Loom in MoH, on page 59?