Personal Saga Wiki

I make a wiki for each and every one of the games I run. It gives the players something to look at to reference information when they're hatching plots and schemes, allows me to have access to all of my notes at any time and is a useful reference for other people to steal NPCs and the like for their own games.

Keep checking for more information. The Saga has just started, so there's very little information up, but with a weekly game things will continue to pop up.

We've been running our own saga for a while now, and have had a wiki up since we began.

The saga is the Great Tree Covenant. Houserules, magi and labs, grogs, militia, companions, covenfolk, vis, some misc. information, our library.... etc, etc, is pretty much all listed there.

I think a wiki, especially with troupe style play, tends to make updating a whole lot easier to keep track of.

And i thought i was so clever when i came up with this idea.

The Brunnaburgh Saga