Personality Flaws?

Does it seem to anyone else that there are certain Flaws categorised as Personality Flaws that seem a bit more general? I was of the impression that these kinds of Flaws are more intended to be role played as a tool for getting characters into adventures (and therefore trouble), but there are some that appear to have some very tangible effects on things like character stats and abilities. Specifically these include:

Covenant Upbringing, Faerie Upbringing, Judged Unfairly, Nocturnal, Noncombatant, Poor Memory, Prohibition, Reckless, Sheltered Upbringing, Short Attention Span, Simple Minded and Weak Willed.

There's normally a limit of two Personality Flaws, but for some of these it seems fair to me to overlook this. What do other people think?

Actually, when our saga started i just permit to the players building grogs and companion to sligthly bypass the limit put on the personnality flaws. My players just tought that the magus and principal companion should be more "balance" (or "playable") while the grogs should be more "cartoon" like with some cut out features (a big temper, etc.).

I tought it was risky and i had my doubts at first, but as it turned out the magi behing what they are will never be really "balance" or "normal" from a character point of view. On the other side, some carefull roleplay allow the grogs to take a nice place in the Saga, with their big traits jumping at you at first and some flavor and nuance coming after some time.

I'll never regret that decision, even if i really understand the limit and the classification made by the authors.