Pertheus ex Tytalus

On the issue of the teacher specialist: so we are down to Comm +3, Good teacher, Teaching 6 (18 points), Magic Theory 5, Prof (scribe) 3, Magic Lore 3, Infernal Lore 3 , 2 more lores at 2 (may I suggest one to be theology), plus 2 skills at 3.

Changes made

I'll need to see sample script. Without a minor flaw it might make other player grumble. Could you give an example?

Sample Initiation Script for Major Magical Focus (spirits).

The Script calls for the Mystagogue to spend a season teaching the student different ways of interacting with spirits. The initiation Quest involved a journey in the caverns below Hedyosmos, wherein the initiate enlists the aid of one of the shades below to find a specific, lightness chamber, and there offer vis in a ritual that is part invocation, part sacrifice, part warding.

Pre2 + Cult Lore 7 (given 6 is the minimum for the "inner circle" and his Mystagogue is the most prominent member of the Titanoi in the Tribunal, I think Tisiphon, who would serve as Mystatogue, would qualify for at least 7 ranks).
+3 Minor Virtue to Major Virtue
+3 Mystagogue Sacrifices Time
+3 Initiation Quest (described above)
+2 Sympathetic Bonus (Caverns of Hedyosmos)
+1 Misc (Sacrifice of Wealth, I will happily spend some of my starting vis on this if needed)

This gets to 21, the level needed for a Major Virtue known to the Mystagogue.

[tab][/tab] All right, but that starting vis isn't really Pertheus, it is meant as a starting gift to the covenant. You cans till have him use it (as with spending vis on familiar) but there will be consequences (Raven did just that, but managed to offset the 'debt' with some tractatus if I remember correctly?). Unless other people object, I'll allow the minor to major virtue change.

Ok, I'll do that and work to offset the minor debt in play. Thematically this should less be "he owes the covenant" - and more " he's coming to the covenant a relative pauper without the usual level of gifts" - but I'll make sure some sort of contribution is made ASAP. Perhaps I can volunteer for the vis-gathering (as the ReVi specialist I'm probably the best one for it?).