Pertheus ex Tytalus

(placeholder post for current character sheet)

Characteristics: Int +3, Per +1, Pre +2, Com +2, Str -3, Sta +2, Dex -2, Qui 0
Size: 0
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence Score: 2 (5)
Virtues (10): Gentle Gift, Affinity with Rego, Affinity with Vim, Apt Pupil, Minor Magical Focus (magical spirits), Puissant Magical Theory, Self Confident*, Skilled Parens, Second Sight
Flaws (10): Ambitious (Major) (3), Favors (3), Seeker (1) (HoH: TL), Study Requirement (3)
Personality Traits: Ambitious (+6), Curious (+3), Cheerful (+2), Shrewd (+1)
Reputations: None
Parens: Tisiphon of House Tytalus, (Quaesitor, Titanoi, Covenant of Hedyosmos. TSE p. 68)
Appearance: Pertheus is a tall, rather slender young man with pale skin, blonde hair, and dark green eyes. He is quite thin, yet despite a relative lack of flesh exudes energy and liveliness.
Tokens: 4

Casting Sigil: (in progress)
Voting Sigil: A brass coin inscribed with a lightning-struck tower.


Early Childhood (45):
Athletics 2 (15)
Awareness 2 (15)
Brawl 1 (5)
Survival 1 (5)
Swim 1 (5)
Native Language 5 (Free)

Later Life (120):
Bargain 3 (30)
Charm 2 (15)
Concentration 2 (15)
Folk Ken 2 (15)
Leadership 3 (30)
Intrigue 2 (15)

Apprenticeship (120):
Area Lore: Hedyosmos 1 (5)
Artes Liberales 1 (5)
Code of Hermes 1 (5)
Dead Language (Ancient Greek) 4 (50)
Finesse 1 (5)
Order of Hermes Lore 1 (5)
Magical Theory 3 (30)
Parma Magica 1 (5)
Penetration 1 (5)
Titanoi Cult Lore 1 (5)

Total Skills:

[tableborder][table][th]Skill[/th][th]Specialty[/th][th]Rank[/th][th]Bonus[/th][th]Extra XP[/th]
[tr][td]Area Lore: Hedyosmos[/td][td]Navigation[/td][td]1[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Artes Liberales[/td][td]Rhetoric[/td][td]1[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Code of Hermes[/td][td]Violations[/td][td]1[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Charm[/td][td]First Impressions[/td][td]2[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Dead Language: Ancient Greek[/td][td]Writing[/td][td]4[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Folk Ken[/td][td][/td][td]2[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Living Language: Irish/Gaelic[/td][td]Cursing[/td][td]5[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Magical Theory[/td][td][/td][td]3[/td][td]+2[/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Order of Hermes Lore[/td][td][/td][td]1[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Parma Magica[/td][td]Ignem[/td][td]1[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Second Sight[/td][td]Spirits[/td][td]1[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Titanoi Cult Lore[/td][td]Initiation[/td][td]1[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr][/table][/tableborder]

Arts (180):
Rego 12 (52->78)
Vim 12 (52->78)
Corpus 6 (21)
Mentem 6 (21)
Terram 6 (61)
Muto 4 (10)
Creo 1 (1)
Perdo 1 (1)
Intellego 1 (1)

Spells (150 Levels Known):
Bind Wound (CrCo 10) +9
Whispers Through the Black Gate (InCo(Me) 15) +9/+10F
Eyes of the Cat (MuCo(An) 5) +7
Awaken the Slumbering Corpse (ReCo 25) +20
Lamp Without Flame (CrIg 10) +3
Call to Slumber (ReMe 10) +20
Coerce the Spirits of the Night (ReMe 20) +20/26F
The Crystal Dart (Mu(Re)Te 10) +12
The Unseen Porter (ReTe 10) +20
Maintain the Demanding Spell, Month (ReVi 35) +26 (note: extends a spell with level 25 or less to month duration)

Note: The spells marked with an F above typically benefit from Pertheus' magical focus, but do not always do so, so casting scores for both have been included.

Build Points (20):

Teacher: Alexos Maragos (18BP)

Relevant Skills: Concentration, Guile, Finesse, Magic Lore, Infernal Lore, Fairie Lore, Penetration
Teaching+Communication 13, Teaches up to Level 5.
Concept: Very Cowardly Monk (and former Failed Apprentice)
Notes: After a chance encounter with a particularly unsubtle dark fae as a young adult, Alexos was noticed by a Hermetic Magi and taken on as an apprentice. However, due to the specific issues of his parens, his Gift burned out as an experimental side effect. He's a rather morose and paranoid fellow, and specifically resents his former parens, who has long since forgotten about him. That said, he was a talented student - intellectually if not in the actual acts of working magic - and has a great deal of knowledge about various supernatural forces. He is a complete an utter coward at heart, however, a classic example of how ignorance can sometimes be bliss. After his apprenticeship ended with the loss of his Gift, he joined a monastic order, only encountering the Order of Hermes again when his life was saved by a pair of magi (Tisiphon and Pertheus of Tytalus). He now spends the half of the year he's not ensconced in the protection of the Church inside an Aegis of the Hearth. He spends his time at the covenant imparting his knowledge about how terribly dangerous the world is to apprentices and junior magi. He's followed Pertheus to Meru Mudi to continue offering his 'teaching services' there.

5 pawns each of Creo and Rego vis. (2BP)

The son of a well-to-do wool Irish merchant, Pertheus' family relocated to Constantinople when he was young, in order for the family to seek out business opportunities (and perhaps avoid a bit of Norman-related trouble at home). While there was still the aspect of being a bit of a stranger in a strange land - the two areas are on practically opposite ends of Mythic Europe - Pertheus was of course, subject to the standard mockery of outsiders by the local children, he was also blessed with the Gentle Gift, and thus saved the burden of ostracism-by-default so many other Gifted children experience.

Pertheus was noticed by his future Parens (then on Quaesitorial business), the Tytalian Magus Tisiphon of Hedyosmos, in the streets of Constantinople, when his Second Sight allowed him to notice his Parens' spirit familiar in its incorporeal form. Given Tisiphon's own fearsome reputation, he was able to win the 'bidding' for Pertheus as his apprentice over the various Jerbiton magi interested in another Gently Gifted student.

Apprenticeship under any member of House Tytalus is no picnic. Apprenticeship under a Tytalian Quaesitor - and one simultaneously a member of multiple mystery cults at that - sets an even higher bar; as such, Tisiphon certainly went above and beyond in ensuring, that Pertheus' education was implanted 'at great depth'. (Skilled Parens, lower physical attributes) Perhaps partially due to the grueling course of instruction, Pertheus was able to pass the Gauntlet of his House in 11 years, rather than the usual 14 that is common in the Theban Tribunal. This particular speed of apprenticeship has lead to Pertheus lacking the 'typical' Titanoi Major Magical Focus in Spirits at gauntlet - he possesses a less broad version of that focus (Minor Magical Focus: Magical Spirits) that applies to spirits associated with the magical realm. It's rumored (in Tytalian circles) that Tisiphon pushed his apprentice as hard as he did as a precursor to attempting to change the Tribunal ruling on tokens being granted after 14 years of apprenticeship, rather than at the successful completion of a Wizard's Gauntlet - some students learn faster than others, after all.

Pertheus himself has adopted something resembling a Hippian ethical approach; though he'll argue endlessly with the fellow members of his house on the details. In fact, his gauntlet took the form of an eristetic moot on the very philosophy of his house, where he argued in favor of many of the Hippian conclusions while simultaneously lambasting the traditional lines of argument that lead to those conclusions. (No wonder the Calicean alternative is more popular while people feel compelled to give this level of argument in its defense!)

He is a self-declared Seeker - he was inspired by Celaenea, a Trianomae of Hedyosmos in doing so, as it puts a benevolent face on what Pertheus plans on doing anyway - seeking out spirits of power and unique or potent magical sources, items, and places of interest. Favors more closely represent Pertheus's close association with his Parens, who also functions as his primary mystagogue within the Titanoi, and the continuing political entanglements (many of which are not at all related to mystae business) that tend to come about as the result of his Parens' self-appointed role as an instrument of justice (or at least revenge.) The scope of these Favors may alter slightly in play as he starts to owe more debts on his own.

(placeholder post for hopes, dreams, motivations and objectives, new spells and equipment, etc)

The very first thing Pertheus will do once he enters play in Meru Mudi is set up his lab and invent some Rego Vim spells to Control Spirits; at least for the Magical Realm.

Control the Magical Spirit (ReVi 20): A spirit associated with the Magical Realm must obey your commands for the duration of the spell. You may make a Communication+Relevant Social Skill roll to see how freely it obeys; any roll but a botch will ensure at least basic obedience. Bargain, Leadership, and Intrigue are the most commonly used Social Skills here. This spell does not cover Daimons, and must penetrate Magic Resistance to be effective. For example commands, see the Goetic Art of Binding, and Sihr. (Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Concentration)

His general early priorities - beyond the standard improvement of Skills and Arts - are to seek out magical aid to help improve his body (which has lamentably deteriorated during his apprenticeship, and is a potential long-term liability in the conflict-heavy life of a Tytalian magus) and initiate further into the various Mysteries of the Titanoi. This does possibly include the Ars Goetia - though he's not really interested in dealing with demonic entities (or being Marched for diabolism) the Ars Goetia have several unique effects that have yet to be integrated into the Hermetic framework. (Scouring and the 'upside' of Ablating come to mind.) He'll also be interested in the ruins of ancient mystery cults and integrating 'lost' magic into the Hermetic framework.

He will likely postpone the acquisition of a familiar until he can initiate into Hermetic Theurgy and Theurgic Spirit Familiar. Having read the tales of the Founder's own familiar (brother to Cerberus) and having spent years in the presence of his parens' (the Erinyes) he will seek out a suitably mighty spirit to bind with.

Ok, on first look:

-[tab][/tab] Different from the other Tytalus which is nice. Favors to his parens...who is a member of Hedyosmos...where the other Tytalus 'sister' is... I am going to town with this >_<

-[tab][/tab] Baccaaureus... hmmm. I think I had a discussion about this and universities with another character. The imperial university closed at 1204 and reopened around 1260. On the other hand...if I understand correctly he first went to the university at age 13 then did the apprenticeship? O_o You are stretching this a bit too far for my taste. Plus only 11 years apprenticeship (with a parens who has a dependable -1 trait to boot). This needs a bit of reworking.

-[tab][/tab] I am not that familiar with the history of Ireland circa 13th century, but if you are fine with it, so be it.

-[tab][/tab] Tell me a bit more about what he is seeking, the Titanoi cult as it pertains to him and what kind of magic he is going for (Theurgy, spirit magic?)


Glad you enjoy the potential Hedyosmos hooks, I didn't realize the other Tytalus had connections there, though I knew Bitter's Guernicus did as it's the home of the Terrae-cult. While I have this listed as Favors here, I really intend it as more of an 'ongoing involvement and entanglements' rather than explicit favors-owed per the core text of Favors. An alternative way to represent what I'm looking for is basically a 'package deal' of Cabal Legacy and Hermetic Patron; Cabal Legacy is explicitly noted as a kind of minor version of Favors. I felt that this would still serve more or less that function in terms of mechanical representation of a story concept, please let me know if you're uncomfortable with this.

Per A&A, 16-19 is the normal age range for people who have completed a 3-year Baccaleureus (meaning the standard start age is 13-16); with a Gentle Gift, a high Int score, and a little Mentem-interference by a magus with an agenda, pushing this even earlier doesn't seem unreasonable to me. With this in mind (and the duration of his apprenticeship + a year or two of post-gauntlet stuff before he comes to the covenant) we won't run into any timeline issues with the university, as Pertheus will be carted off to Hedyosmos well before 1204. I'd also note that this sort of pre-apprenticeship-start educational meddling is fairly common by Tytalian magi (see HoH:S p.82).

That said, in order to avoid the unease about timing you've mentioned; I've replaced Baccaleureus with Apt Pupil, as that'll help (especially in combination with Skilled Parens) justify the shorter-than-normal apprenticeship. It is worth noting that per TSE p.28, the standard Theban Tribunal apprenticeship is 14 years, so 11 isn't as much of a relative decrease.

I did want to not be a Greek Native despite having apprenticed in the Theban Tribunal; I wanted at least a little of outsider status and thought the lore on the Irish cycles of invasion made a nice thematic echo to someone who's going to be very interested in the Theogony, even if the native language skill is almost certainly entirely impractical.

Titanoi and Seeker stuff: So, his very first initiation (which will happen in the two years post-apprenticeship before getting to Meru Mundi, as we're allowed one!) will replace his mMF with the standard Titanoi MMF in the full spectrum of spirits. After that, he'll then be going for the typical Titanoi initiations: Hermetic Theurgy, Theurgic Spirit Familiar, Names of Power, Invocation. The Ars Goetia (if he can do so in a way that is going to avoid getting him charged with diabolism) or other spirit-oriented mysteries - Spell Binding is a 'common' mystery that could qualify, and Hermetic Empowerment could be useful as well - could be later possibilities.

Pertheus will be on the lookout for arcane connections to incorporeal entities generally. While he's ambitious, he's also self-aware enough to know he's low in the hermetic pecking order; he'll be particularly interested in tutelary spirits or spirits of knowledge; he's also much more likely than most magi to seek out inhuman sources of magical instruction, or even hedge witches or members of other magical traditions. This isn't to say he'll neglect more traditional Hermetic routes, He's also likely to investigate ruins associated with theurgical groups or cults of the dead (who were known to use spirit magic); and may also associate with members of other mystery cults.

There are all sorts of potential Hermetic Integration projects I can see him getting enthusiastic about or involved in; but realistically that kind of activity isn't going to happen until he's a much more experienced magi due to the incredibly high lab totals that are typically required. Other 'higher end' projects include Invoking the Pact spells with high-powered entities, as Daimons can permanently grant virtues or attributes, and are potentially great sources of insight. Possible entities include the Titans (duh), the great chthonic rivers (Styx is mentioned as one of the family of Titans Tytalus went to for aid in HoH:S, Pralix summoned Lethe at the Battle of Blencathra... and Mnemnosyne might fit the bill as a tutelary spirit nicely), the Astra Planeta, any genius loci in the neighborhood...

Let me know if all of this is good so far and I'll move on to his current sheet, including 2 years post-gauntlet before heading to Meru Mundi.

If I recall correctly, it's illegal for a master to spent less than 1 season per year in 15 years (well 14 there) to train an apprentice personally . But maybe Theban tribunal is less regarding on the matter.

You're correct, but the point is about the arbitrariness of the Theban Tribunal's 14-year apprenticeship to be granted a token for successfully training an apprentice. Theoretically a magus could train an apprentice for 15+ seasons in say, a 5 year period, and not be granted a token for successfully training an apprentice in the current system, because tokens for successfully training apprentices are only granted after both 14 years of apprenticeship and completion of a Wizard's Gauntlet.

This is despite the fact that it's pretty well established that some magi complete their gauntlet in less than the standard number of years (explicitly mentioned in HoH:S in the Tytalus section, actually) - which would mean magi who successfully train apprentices at an accelerated rate aren't granted tokens for training these apprentices. (Hariste, for example, was trained in less than 9 years.)

It's a classic Tytalian case of picking at the letter of the law for not matching the 'spirit' in which it's seemingly intended.

I even forgot he was a Tytalus, I had the Bjornaer exemple in mind with the sleeping years etc..

You're right that's probably the least troublesome House for such shortened apprenticeship.

[tab][/tab] Ok on the 2 post apprenticeship years (you should add the minor virtue of Titanoi here). Thank you for changing Baccaleureus to Apt Student, easier to explain. I am fine with the Irish descent, just don't expect me to do anything with it.

[tab][/tab] Now lets talk about some other stuff. a) You bringing a teacher with your build points? I am iffy on that. You 'could' lay a teacher companion (though we already have one such). Also what are those spells you wanted to start with again (the spirit ones)? What else do we need to look over?

Note: we will be having at least three people involved with Hedyosmos. This is going to be fun for me >_<

  1. No worries on the switch to Apt Pupil.

  2. I’ll actually be upgrading his minor magical focus to a major rather than adding a new minor for the Titanoi virtue in the first two years. This follows the standard initiation path for many MCs that teach major/minor focuses / potent magics - they often teach a minor version and then sacrifice it to get the major virtue. I’ll be starting down the path to theurgy in play... which I am absolutely hype for. (I’ve got enough holes in the character to need to round him out a bit before going full theurge anyway, and for the fun theurgy stuff it effectively requires chargen-impossible levels of ReVi.

  3. Teacher with build points is for a few reasons. First, it’s an NPC teacher rather than a PC teacher, and a ‘covenant resource’ first and foremost rather than someone who’s going to be getting a lot of screen-time - or at least, it’s not someone’s who will ever be (intentionally) “adventuring” with the magi. See the whole super cowardly bit for details! I’ve made him able to teach a reasonable set of magic-adjacent skills like second sight and lores. Mechanically, this takes some of the burden off of the covenant’s generally weak library early on; while he obviously can’t teach arts and his number of seasons/year teaching is limited to 2 - plus there are gift penalties if teaching non gently gifted magi - he can help out teaching some skills that will be helpful for our young magi. I thought it was a more helpful and flavorful use of my build points that added something to the covenant rather than just getting another book or item or whatever.

All that said, I can replace him with another use of build points if you’re iffy with it - though as its one of the listed uses of build points in ArM5 core, I’m not really sure why you’re uncomfortable here - the reception I got from the other players on the idea in the general thread seemed pretty positive.

  1. The first spell I’ll be aiming to make early is written out in the fourth post of this thread: Control the Magical Spirit (ReVi 20). (I’ll edit it into this one when I’m home.) I’d also like to invent a Faerie version of the same spell, and a Summoning the Magical Spirit (ReVi 40) Spell - for that last one I’ll definitely have to wait quite some time post-generation to get my Arts up to a level where I can invent it in a respectable amount of time (considering it also needs to penetrate...)

  2. Hedyosmos hooks are good hooks.

  3. Once we get the above issues sorted and I finalize my sigil(s), all that will really remain is how I handle my two years post gauntlet and you assigning me tokens. I may switch out the Irish for another part of Europe as well.

1.[tab][/tab]Roger that. I'll need to brush up my Titanoi (is there a supplement I could find concentrated stuff on them besides HoH:S?).

2.[tab][/tab] Since you got a positive from other players, I'll take the teacher in. My concern was Ioannes, the companion, and any potential overlapping. I'd suggest taking and teaching skills that are in a different area. Also, I would like it very much if the teacher had no supernatural abilities (like second-sight etc. This is due to a quirk with the overall story and theme). However he/she could have the option of Failed Apprentice (including access to Magical Theory). How does that sound?

3.[tab][/tab] Roger that. The fae version will be difficult. Either you will need Faerie Magic, a score in Faerie Lore, access to a Cult like Children of Olympos or a collaboration with a Merinita.

5.[tab][/tab] Please add the two years post gauntlet. Add 4 tokens.

  1. Not by name off the top of my head. There are a few scattered implications and references that would apply to them based on the activities of the early Tytalian mages. For example, the summoning of Lethe is clearly Titanoi-esque, and in TSE it's heavily implied as having been involved in the Sundering of Tremere but never stated outright, and an adventure book (I believe it's Hooks?) cites it as how Pralix destroyed the Pictish language. The Mysteries of course has some generally good Theurgy stuff.

  2. Ok, I'll try and write up a new thing for him. I really did like the Second Sight specifically - I both thought it allowed a fun little backstory for the character and am concerned about getting access to other sources of knowledge on the ability, so I guess that'll be an early character goal if he can't teach it. I'll have to work on writing up a new background for him too. Are the Lores still ok?

  3. Per RAW, Faerie magic or similar isn't needed, it's available using the same base 5 guideline, I'm using for the Magic spirit spell (guideline is in RoP:M). I just need a realm-specific version of the spell. That said, it would only work on specifically spirit-y fae entities - nymphs, dryads, faerie-realm djinni, etc. sure, but not your average giant, goblin, beastie, etc. For pure RP reasons I'd of course take Faerie lore.

  4. I'll work on it later this week and update this post and the first when I have!

  1. Ok

  2. Lores are ok. I just want to minimize 'talented' coven folk to almost 0

  3. Meh (grumbles) I guess I can stomach that.... Just don't go haywire, I like my Merinita

  4. Need your 2 years post gauntlet.

I got your character posted (pre two years.) plz check. I put concentration at spell casting cause I think spells is abit broad. No MT spec? Also no Romaic Greek, that means you speak classical all the time (funny fellow, the covenfolk will have a blast with you). Any religion?

2: No worries. Ditched Second Sight on Alexos, made him a failed apprentice.

3: Not to fret, I won't! One of my potential integration-projects (probably not for a whiiiile because those need tons of MT and he's far from a dedicated lab rat) will probably need/involve one.

5: See below. Specifically check to make sure Season 3 is ok, once you ok the 2 years I will update the top-level post with his 'starting' sheet.

Two Post-Gauntlet Years:

Season 1: Learning Finesse, Alexos, 1v1. +27 XP in Finesse (13Teach+Comm+9 one-on-one +5 apt pupil), Finesse is raised to 3 (2)

Season 2: Learning Penetration, Alexos, 1v1. +27 XP in Penetration, Penetration is raised to 3 (2)

Season 3: Learning Titanoi Cult Lore, Tisiphon, part of Initiation Script. I'm guessing +20ish XP? (+14 in modifiers from one-on-one/apt pupil?, + 6SQ base?) ST please feel free to ballpark this. Calling it 20 for now, Titanoi Cult Lore is raised to 2 (10). ((OOC I'm fine with calling it this for now to decrease the burden of statting specific NPCs on the ST for now, if you wish to give him a different base Teaching+Communication score, let me know and I can update, though he is a Skilled Parens.))

Season 4: Initiation, Minor Magical Focus (magical spirits) -> Major Magical Focus (spirits). Initiation includes a 5xp adventure as part of script, which is done during this season. Titanoi Cult Lore is raised to 3.

Season 5: Learning Magical Theory, Alexos, 1v1. +27XP in Magical Theory, Magical Theory is raised to 4 (7).

Season 6: Learning Magic Lore, Alexos, 1v1. +27XP in Magic Lore, Magic Lore is raised to 2 (12).

Season 7: Repaying Favors to Tisiphon, 2 Exposure XP.

Season 8: Invent Spell, Wizard's Leap (ReCo15). (Int3+MT4+Puissant 2+Rego 12 + Corpus 6 + Aura 3 = 30, so this is doable in a single season)

And then he heads off to Meru Mudi!

Sorry for taking so long. I should have explained the process with more clarity. Here goes:

Ghah! No, no, no. :slight_smile:

Post-gauntlet years are meant to be constructed as normal character creation, that is you follow the normal rules, 30 xp per year on abilities and arts. By these RAW rules you cannot have someone super-train him before the actual start of a campaign. OR... you can go season by season, in case you want to do some other stuff (like have a familiar or write some books or have something else done provided the ST agrees). You can have exposure xp, you can train, maybe read a book if its reasonable, but training and teaching are off the table.
In short you cannot have a teacher amp your character up before the start.
Please redo the two years as discussed above. The spell making is fine. The cult thing we will discuss about.

Next is Alexos himself.
-[tab][/tab] First, his Teaching+Com is 13....thats a Com of +5, a Teaching of +6 with a Puissant +2, or a Teaching of +3 and Good Teacher, or a combo of all these. Thats a bit too much trying to get a perfect teacher :S. How old is he? If he is such a good teacher he can certainly get a better job! The cost in build points is Com+Teaching+Highest ability score.... so I am guessing its 5+8+5 ? You see the problem here? If you do make him a teacher for the covenant as a specialist, please use a total of 10BP on him/her, max, from the BP allotted to your Magus.

-[tab][/tab] Second, from the stats above, he should have a Finesse of at least 3 and a Penetration of at least 3. In my opinion thats way too high for a failed apprentice.

I know I am bursting a bubble here, but for sake of balance I cannot allow such a large deviation :S. Do the 2 years, have the teacher at 10BP with skills of 1-2, maybe one at 5 (like teaching) and another at 3, or make him way older or just plain old and discuss this with me?

Sorry for the delay, I've been arranging becoming a homeowner.

Ok on the 2 years.

On Alexos: I will say that feels like a pretty hard about face on the teacher after approving Alexos previously. Part of his design from a mechanical perspective was to synergize with Apt Pupil (which I can't really if he's capped at 2 on most skills and you're hard not allowing Supernatural abilities), and make him more efficient - for the covenant as a whole - at training some generally useful skills for a group of magi. I'm happy to kick him up the age bracket 5 years or so and lower his base source quality by one. Pure the core rulebook this would allow for peak skills at rating six (so perhaps teaching), with perhaps a solid Magic Theory score (5?) and some Lore skills around 3. This would keep him still useful mechanically to allow our younger magi to benefit from his greater knowledge over time - otherwise it ends up being better (and less flavorful imo) just grabbing a summa or something, but I can do that if you want to keep things simpler here.

If I'm forced to use a significantly smaller number of build points on him, from a progression standpoint he becomes potentially just not worth taking at all in terms of aiding overall covenant advancement.

2 years, 60xp:

Second Sight to 4 (40xp), Penetration 2 (10xp), Finesse 2 (10xp), Minor Magical Focus (magical spirits) -> Major Magical Focus (spirits).


[tab][/tab] Congratulations on your new house. Good luck with moving (having moved several times, and lost a ton of things, I know its a hassle).

[tab][/tab]I know, but to my defense a) I approved the teacher but did not see the stats until after you had the two years expenditure, b) my main problem is allowing the starting character to have more xp than character creation allows, by making use of said teacher; it would be unfair to the other players. I will agree with +5 years, 6 teaching, MT 5 and 2 skills at 3, in addition to 2 lores at 3 and 3 at 2 plus a Prof(your choice) at 3. How does that sound? One the other hand, please lower his com attribute to 3 maybe 4.

[tab][/tab] Adding (I think its SS 3 plus 15 points. Rank 4 is 50)

Em... how is this done? You are removing Virtues? Or something else?

Thanks for your patience, really appreciate it. Things should be slowing down in a couple weeks!

Sounds good!

Will make him Comm3,Teaching 6, Good Teacher 3, Max Skill 6. IIRC, this means he costs 18 build points. (SQ12, Max Skill 6 = 18). I will take my remaining 2 build points evenly spit between Rego and Creo vis, and call it a day. Hopefully the over members of the covenant get some good use out of him too.

Not entirely decided on which skills at 3. Lores should be Infernal and Magic, Profession should be Scribe.

Whoops, missed on my math! Skills spends changed to:

SS to 3 (10+15 = 25), Penetration 2 (10), Titanoi Cult Lore to 3 (10+15=25) = 60.

Titanoi Mystery Cult Initiation.

Upgrading from a Minor to a Major Focus is a fairly standard initiation for MC's that offer major virtues, as you get a bonus for "sacrificing" the minor virtue. The Major Focus is the standard Titanoi MMF in spirits that most of them who start within the cult complete within their apprenticeship, but Pertheus did not quite as a result of his abridged experience, but he's able to catch up within his two years!