Petre the not-quite-feral grog

Is the following an acceptable Gold-Shirt Grog?

Name: Petre
Age: 14

Background to be provided: He grew up in a family of craftsman in a mid-size
town in Greece. He was found by his parens at a relatively young age...

int: 0 per: +1
com: -2 pre: -2
dex: +2 qui: +2
end: +2 str: +2

Personality: Reticent (+1) Animal-Lover(+3)
(should have some form of uncomfortable with people at 3)

Virtues: Animal Ken, Latent Magical Ability, Puissant Animal Handling
Flaws: Temperate, Afflicted Tongue (lisp), Feral upbringing

Area Lore (lake region): 2 (15) (geography)
Animnal Handling: 5 + 2(puisant) (75) (owls)
Atheltics: 2 (15) (running)
Awareness: 2 (15) (alertness)
Brawl: 2 (15) (punch)
Hunt: 2 (15) (tracking)
Stealth: 2 (15) (natural areas)
Survival: 2 (15) (mountains)
Swim: 2 (15) (rivers)
Animal Ken: 4 (45) (owls)

Greek (Romaic): 2 (15)

Background: Petr has no idea who his parents are, and mostly does not care.
He has recently come to understand that most people would care greatly. His earliest
memories are of grubbing roots in the woods (on the mountains near where the covenant
is being established.)

Around the age of 7 or 8 he came across some shepherd families living near by. He
sometimes stole food from them. He also listened to the strange noises they made,
and slowly realized it was language, and learned to understand it. His speaking
is still very bad, but his comprehension is competent.

He always got on well with the animals in the woods, and only recently noticed
that most folks can not understand them.

He was discovered by the team that was scouting the covenant site, and was coaxed
into living in the covenant, where there is expectation that his animal skills will
have value.

animal companion is a story flaw, Grogs should not have story flaws...
with feral upbringing you may not start with a language ability.

I can lose the animal companion. I thought it was nice flavor.
On the language ability, I had posted a question about the phrasing on the flaw. Having someone who is completely unable to speak or understand Greek would seem awfully large for a minor flaw which has other drawbacks. So I assumed it cost the initial free native language, and you had to buy the language with points after the initial 120. (I do realize that the starting 120 is high to offset some of the drawbacks of the flaw.)
I am trying to imagine him actually interacting without any language whatsoever. I fear he would either be useless or I would over-play his ability to interpret gesture.

I can also lose the feral flaw, but he starts to look boring instead of interesting. Your all.

Given that none of your other abilities are above 3, I don't think it is really honest to call him feral with a language ability of 4. Keep it at 1 or 2. A minor flaw is more than flavor, and animal companions are always getting into trouble, drawing your character into new stories.

If language of 2 makes it work better, I can live with a role play that. It was 0 that was causing me grief. I will adjust. Adjusted.

go ahead and post this as your gold shirt grog.

Just a late comment... it might make more sense to have him switch the Survival and Animal Handling score.

Animal Handling is about raising, grooming and tending to animals -- essentially about domesticating them. Defriending them is already covered by his high score in Animalk Ken.

If he grew up alone in the woods, "grubbing roots", then Survival would have been paramount to it.

Just my 2 cents. Feel free to ignore. :smiley:

Thanks Arthur. You are right that the swap you suggest is more plausible, and probably a good idea.
Thanks Silveroak. I will post him in the thread later today.

(side-note - I had not realized that the threading on this board is purely by subject line, so that when I change the subject line in a post in a thread, I am moving my post to a new thread. Sorry for any cases where I have caused confusion.

You didn't. I moved it because we needed to have the discussion of an actual character in it's own thread instead of in a general discussion thread.